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Calgary’s Best Meal Kits

To help you find the right service, we’ve reviewed the best meal kits in Calgary for variety, cost, delivery option and other features.
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In a nutshell

With meal delivery Calgary, you can enjoy good food at home, regardless of how busy you are. You will order meals that are ready to eat or pre-portioned ingredients that are ready to cook. If you are an aspiring chef with no time to do the groceries, meal delivery is a convenient service you can enjoy

More than 8 companies operate in Calgary and offer consumers wide variety of fresh or frozen food and partially prepared meals with dedicated recipes that are delivered quickly, safely and efficiently. Each meal kit delivery service is slightly different from its competitors in the recipes they offer, dietary options, delivery times, pricing etc. In this article we try to make it easy for you to choose between the options so we reviewed the best meal delivery services in Calgary on a number of parameters.

What is Meal Delivery?

Have you ever wanted to cook at home, but you do not have the luxury of time to shop for fresh produce and other ingredients? Do you want to enjoy pre-cooked meals at your house after a busy day at work? In all of these instances, meal delivery is to the rescue!


With meal delivery, you will enjoy convenient service. Start by ordering meals online, wait for the delivery, and enjoy! There are two main types. The first includes meals that are ready to eat. The second involves the delivery of ingredients with easy to follow recipe cards.

What kind of meal delivery can you get in Calgary?

Calgary meal delivery offers options for everyone, whether you are on a keto diet, or observing Paleo or looking for more simple vegan or vegetarian meals you can find them all. But as the options for meal kits delivery in Calgary increase it makes it harder to choose the best service. Most of the big players offer their meals delivered to Calgary but you can also find smaller niche companies that can surprise you with the quality and menu diversity. If you want to support local growers look for the smaller players which we will review below.  The list of providers of Calgary meal delivery service includes Hello Fresh, Good Food, Miss Fresh, LiveFit Foods, Chef’s Plate, Made Foods, Rooted Meal Prep, and Chef to Table, which will all be discussed in the next section.


Best Meal Kits in Calgary

1. HelloFresh 

HelloFresh is one of the giants in the meal kit delivery market, they operate in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom and Australia. Hello Fresh lets customers choose the meals that they want and create the perfect box, which will then be delivered directly to your doorsteps. With prices starting at $9.69, their meals are easy on the pocket. You can add extras, foe example garlic bread. HelloFresh lets customers customize deliveries and skip a week or two without additional charges. They have four meal kits that try to mash healthy diet meals with regular dishes. These kits include the Meat and Veggies kit, a Family Friendly kit, a Low Calorie kit and the Veggie Kit.

Cost/Minimum Order: As low as $9.69. Minimum order of two recipes for two people.

Average Weekly Meals: Three to four recipes per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Sausage Apple Stuffing Bowl
  • Saucy Beef Ragout
  • Crispy Chicken Parmigiana

Availability: Calgary and most other cities in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland

What we liked:

  1. Comes with an intuitive app
  2. Flexible plans that you can cancel anytime
  3. Covers most of Canada

What we did not like:

  1. Small serving sizes
  2. Expensive family plans
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2. GoodFood 

GoodFood is a big player in the meal kits delivery arena in Canada, they offer dinner meal kits, groceries, breakfast meals and snacks We love the free delivery of farm-fresh ingredients and the fact that they have an in-house culinary team that creates unique dishes and beginner-friendly recipes. As they try to focus on social good they launched a proprietary reusable delivery box which makes it more eco friendly. In addition we could not disregard the fact that for every box purchased, they donate to a child in need.

You can find meals with influences from Italy, Korea, India, Spain, Thailand and Greece and they promise their ingredients are 7 days fresher than what is at local grocery stores. Their plans consist of an easy prep basket, family basket and classic basket.

Cost/Minimum Order: $9.42 per serving, two recipes per week.

Average Weekly Meals: They offer 2 to 4 recipes a week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Smothered Pork Chops over Roasted Garlic Smash
  • Purple Asparagus Pasta Primavera
  • Spiced Cauliflower Korma

Availability: Delivery is available in Calgary and other major cities in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, the Maritimes, British Columbia, Saskatchewan

What we liked:

  1. Every purchase lets you help a child in need
  2. Has 20-minute meal options
  3. Great variation in recipes
  4. More low carb options than many other competing meal kits. 

What we did not like:

  1. Goodfood is definitely not the cheapest service you can find in Calgary 
  2. Not best for dietary restrictions
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3. MissFresh 

Another great pick for healthy meal delivery Calgary, MissFresh is a one-stop-shop for all your meal needs throughout the day. They have a minimum order requirement of $55 but the option to fill your basket with additional products like snacks, drinks and even special tea’s. You can order meals to cook by yourself or you can also order meals that are ready to be eaten. Their breakfast menu is limited although we liked the granola and the cookie mix as a side order to the main meal. The option to mix and match is perfect for those who want to curate their own dinner or lunch. They offer a freshness guarantee, so you can be confident of the quality of the products you will receive.

Cost/Minimum Order: $7.99, minimum order of $55.

Average Weekly Meals: Two to four servings

Sample meals we liked:

  • Fish Tostadas
  • Spanish Chicken
  • Lebanese Mujadara

Availability:Delivers in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City Edmonton. Winnipeg, and Ottawa, among other key cities

What we liked:

  1. Comes with a freshness guarantee
  2. Skip any week and cancel anytime
  3. Has ready-to-eat meals

What we did not like:

  1. High minimum order requirement
  2. Packaging can be better
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4. Livefit Foods 

LiveFit Foods is the best solution for people that have special dietary needs. They have a more diverse selection then competitors when it comes to special diets, including vegan, gluten-free, halal, keto, and weight loss packages The variety is pretty impressive and you can pick from over 100 items on the menu including thier value meals below $6. The addition of grocery shopping makes Livfit a good choice for one stop shop of your daily meals in addition to the needed grocery which means that you are covered in one place for dinner and for the garbage bag and cleaning soap. FREE DELIVERY FOR ORDERS OVER $200. 

Cost/Minimum Order: $4.95 per meal, minimum weekly order of $100

Average Weekly Meals: 10 to 32 meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Beef Gratin
  • Bolognese Penne
  • Buffalo Goat Cheese Chicken

Availability: Calgary and most of Canada

What we liked:

  1. The grocery shopping option
  2. Seamless ordering process
  3. Offers great menu variation for people with dietary needs.

What we did not like:

  1. Requires $200 purchase to qualify for free delivery
  2. Ingredients can be fresher
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5. Chefs Plate 

Chefs Plate meal kit delivery have 4 different meal plans; the 15-minute kit,  the classic kit, family kit and the vegetarian kit. Customers are allowed to choose their meal plan and arrival time. Users can easily choose and pick the number of recipes and servings. We loved the seamless mobile application, making it easy to order and check out the changing menu. The 15 minute meals are a perfect solution for busy people who do not like to mess around the kitchen for too long. Meals start for as low as $8.99 per serving and the orders arrive with very simple to use step by step recipes.

Cost/Minimum Order: $45.96 per week for 2 servings of 2 recipes

Average Weekly Meals: Customers are allowed a selection of 2 to 4 recipes.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Turkey Egg Roll Bowl
  • Butter Chickpea Curry
  • Spicy Thai Peanut Satay Chicken

Availability:They deliver in Calgary and other major cities in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba

What we liked:

  1. They offer 15 minute meals
  2. Affordable meals
  3. Cancel anytime
  4. Comes with an intuitive mobile app.

What we did not like:

  1. Portion sizes can be better
  2. We want to see more option on the vegeterian menu 
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6. Made Foods

Made Foods is a local Calgary brand that takes meal prep to the next level, if you can order and custom meal solutions using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. It might be a bit tedious to choose the protein source and its exact amount but if you do take the time you and willing to invest in your health you will get exactly what you asked for. Made Foods have a team of nutritionists and fitness trainers that help people achieve different health, fitness and/or weight-loss goals They try to focus on healthy food options and cater well for people who are gluten or dairy conscious. The variety is very impressive, you can combine a frozen beef box with a breakfast wrap and a custom meal for your special needs and get it delivered to you or pick from their pick up locations. There are more than 200 meal combinations available, which is one of the most varied we found. No cooking required for many of the meals. For as low as $7.99 per meal, you can enjoy homemade soups, salads, and sandwiches.

Cost/Minimum Order: $7.99 per meal, minimum order of $80 before tax for free delivery .

Average Weekly Meals: Four two twelve meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Quinoa Crusted Chicken
  • Peruvian Roast Beef
  • Piri Piri Pork Tenderloin

Availability: They deliver within Calgary city limits. Pick up is also available 

What we liked:

  1. Offers a catering service
  2. Gift cards are available
  3. Has a wide variety

What we did not like:

  1. High minimum order requirement to qualify for free delivery
  2. Does not come with a mobile app

7. Rooted Meal Prep

Rooted has a team of chefs who creates nutrient-dense recipes. The major thing that separates Rooted Meal Prep from competition is the fact that their meals are the only plant-based meal kit delivery service in Calgary. Plant-based diet is a diet consisting generally or fully of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, and with few or no animal products. You can order online and receive a box every Tuesday that contains three recipes. They have two subscriptions available, The Bunch of Carrots Box is available for as low as $12.08 per serving and the Peas in a Pod Box is as low as $14.16 per serving.

Cost/Minimum Order: As low as $12.08 per serving, minimum order of three recipes

Average Weekly Meals: Three recipes weekly

Sample meals we liked:

  • Yellow Thai Curry on Brown Rice
  • Warm Asian Quinoa Salad
  • Taco Bowl

Availability:Delivery is available in Calgary

What we liked:

  1. Healthy and nutritious plant-based meals
  2. They also sell delicious sauces
  3. Gift cards are available

What we did not like:

  1. Lack of variety
  2. Not for people who like meat
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Visit RootedMealPrep

8. Chef to Table

Chef a Table offers delicious meals, no cooking and same day deliveries, this service is solely for pre made meals that only need short warm up. The service is a good option for healthy conscious people and those who have special dietary needs. They off Keto, gluten free, dairy free and vegan meal options. Their meals are available at $30 to $100 per week here with no commitment, so you can cancel anytime depending on the plan that your will choose.

Cost/Minimum Order: $30 to $100, minimum order requires a full set menu

Average Weekly Meals: 12 meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Herb Roast Chicken Thighs
  • Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
  • Vegan Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili

Availability: Delivers in Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere

What we liked:

  1. Food comes in insulated packaging
  2. Has gluten-free options
  3. Meals are cooked by top chefs

What we did not like:

  1. Does not deliver ingredients
  2. Website can improve UX/UI

Our Suggestions For Your Best Options in Calgary

Best For Novice Chefs: Hello Fresh Meal Delivery service – $7.99
Best For Time-strapped Foodies: Miss Fresh Meal Delivery Service – $7.99

Best For Chefs on a Budget: LiveFit Foods Meal Delivery Service – $4.95

Best For Occasional Home Chefs: Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service – $9.69

Best For Vegans: Rooted Meal Prep Meal Delivery Service – $12.08

Best For Environmentally-Conscious Chefs: Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service – $9.69

Best For Novice Chefs Looking to Learn: Chef’s Plate Meal Delivery Service – $8.99

Meal Delivery Calgary FAQ

What Does a Meal Kit Delivery Include?

With all the best meal kit delivery providers in Calgary you will receive all the ingredients needed. In some cases, even seasonings and sauces are provided. It also comes with easy-to-follow recipe cards

What are the Benefits of Meal Delivery Service? 

Convenience is one of the best things about meal delivery. You don’t need to head to the grocery store or supermarket. depending on your choice of meal this can also  help you save money. Plus, it will make it effortless to eat healthy and delicious meals at home.

Final Verdict

The Calgary meal delivery scene is fast growing and quite competitive. There are many options users can choose from. Some companies offer dietary menus while other offer only ready to eat meals with no cooking. Depending on your preferred food of choice you can find a tailor made solution. For low prices you can see LiveFit Foods but if you are looking for good pre made meals you should consider MissFresh. The meal kits industry provides time-saving and efficient way to go about your meals especially on a busy schedule. From young urban professionals to university students, among others, it can offer convenience and savings. Whether you want ready-to-eat lunch or you want to cook dinner for yourself, there is a meal delivery service for your needs. Read our full reviews of the brands you like to be sure that this is the right service for you.

Get Up to $200 Off + Free breakfast for life
Get up to $200 OFF
Get Up to $200 Off + Free Breakfast For Life
Get up to $200 OFF
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Get Up to $200 Off + Free breakfast for life
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