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The outbreak of Covid-19 may have been a disaster to many, but not to all. This time was a game-changer for all the meal delivery companies since dining out, and take-out practices threatened virus contraction. 

Meal deliveries during this time were the saving grace for those who wanted to escape the outdoors and enjoy prepared meals or fresh meal kits to curate easy recipes at home. Manitoba, though comparatively smaller than other provinces, was no stranger to this trend as Manitobans were quick to jump on the bandwagon. 

This article circles the most excellent companies operating in Manitoba to help you narrow down which one is best suited to your desires.

The Adventure-Central Manitoba:

Manitoba is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. Being the central province, it is not just home to beautiful prairies found in Canada but also to captivating scenic waterfalls, lakes, and so much more beautiful bounties of nature. 

Not just this, but Manitoba’s wildlife experience is hard to miss, with the province being known as the world’s Polar Bear capital. Yes, if not in their natural habitat, you can view polar bears walking on the streets of Manitoba to return to their Hudson Tundra during the winters. Not to add, beluga whales are also relatively populous in this region, which makes it an ideal tourist destination for all those wildlife enthusiasts individuals. 

In addition, tourists can find the northern lights here, go skiing, and enjoy bike riding adventures as well as several excellent resorts and festivals that Manitoba is famous for. Whether it is recreational activities or art and museum culture, one can find Manitoba to be rich in all aspects, which makes it not only an excellent tourist site but also a good residential location. This inflow of tourists and vast population make Manitoba one of the ideal municipalities for meal delivery companies to establish their business. 

Like the experience of Manitoba, you can also observe similar diversity between these ventures, which in our opinion, are the top meal delivery services in the province.

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Top Meal Kit Delivery Services in Manitoba 

Keto Cycle:

Keto Cycle is an excellent application for those looking to opt for a proper keto diet. This service allows consumers to keep track of their ketogenic diet by creating personalized meal plans for them and providing them with over tens of thousands of keto recipes to try. It is trendy amongst its consumers as it shows promising results with quality food. 


HelloFresh, unlike many others, has made itself a brand name. Currently serving in 16 countries globally, this service has a global presence that most other meal delivery companies do not yet possess. The service provides you with over 30 weekly meals, making for a wide-ranging menu. Not to add, their menu is subdivided into several categories such as vegetarian, family-friendly, meat, and a lot more to ensure that something is available for everyone. 

It has a very user-friendly website interface and incredible customer support to go with it. Their plans are easily customizable, allowing consumers to select their meal preferences and pick meals from different categories in the same basket. It is not a feature supported by other similar meal delivery companies.

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Papa Earth:

Papa Earth is a fresh organic meal delivery provider. Finding a free-range farm, communicating with local farmers, finding a reputable butcher, transporting the meats, and storing them in a freezer are all essential to eating locally. However, that takes up a lot of effort and time. 

In today’s rapid society, Papa Earth recognizes the value of convenience and time savings. It goes to great lengths to find farms that rear free-range cattle, are free of added hormones or antibiotics, pasture-raised, and have a sustainable and natural diet. It began as a simple meat box delivery service over the phone in 2016 and then expanded to an online platform in 2017.

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This subscription-based service is full of essential tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. Specialized programs and diets can be difficult to maintain. Noom serves as an application that considers psychology and personal behavioral habits, which are then used to design a personalized lesson plan for weight loss. The app allows people to lose weight and bring change at their own pace, track their progress, get time with personal coaches and develop a better relationship with food. 


DoFasting has an interesting approach towards the popular method of intermittent fasting that is becoming all the rage these days. It provides customers with a 60-second quiz and helps them develop a customized intermittent fasting plan best suited to their schedule. It provides all the right tools to help consumers stay on track and allows customers to track their progress. With seven intermittent fasting periods and a rating of 4.2 out of 5, this application is second to none on the market. 

Isabelle Huot:

Isabelle Huot’s meals can be described as nothing less than exceptional. The service allows both the options of frozen meals and ready-to-eat prepared meals. It is an ideal service for those looking to shed some pounds as many of the meals are focused on weight loss. Not to add, the service partners with nutritionists and dieticians to ensure that meals are healthy and full of essential nutrients. The meals incorporate generous amounts of vegetables and can be stored for up to 77 days in the refrigerator, giving them a longer shelf life than most other meals on the market. 

Revive Superfoods:

Revive Superfoods is your one-stop shop for all of your meals throughout the day. Revive Superfoods has it all: whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a delicious soup for lunch, a filling supper, or a tasty breakfast smoothie. Since this specific service primarily consists of frozen fruits and natural ingredients, we believe that healthy people who enjoy delicious side dishes are its ideal customer. The business has a zero-waste philosophy, values sustainability, and sources all of the natural components for its meals from plant-based sources.

LiveFit Foods:

Live Fit, one of Canada’s most popular healthy meal kit providers, provides meal-kit alternatives that are freshly cooked from natural ingredients and must be reheated before use. It is tailored to customers on various weight-loss or weight-gain programs, such as keto, juice cleanses, Vegan, and weight-loss programs. It is a meal-delivery service that is pretty versatile. 

Unlike many other programs, LiveFit does not offer meal plans; instead, you may add or delete as many meals, entrees, snacks, or desserts as you like, with the cost varying depending on which items you choose. LiveFit claims to deliver healthier meal alternatives and eliminate the need for empty calories while also helping users feel better about themselves by observing positive results.

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This rising company has established itself as a leader in the meal-delivery sector. GoodFood claims to be Canada’s #1 meal kit subscription, having been in business since 2015 and shipping to most regions of the country. It offers reasonably priced meal kit programs that are suited for both individuals and families. 

They’re also committed to eliminating waste, which is why their meal packages are portioned precisely. This waste-reduction program gets the work done and makes the service more convenient. They also provide an extensive selection of meal plans with varied pricing. It not only delivers cooked meals but also allows you to create excellent meals with your hands by giving exclusive unique recipes and incredibly easy-to-follow and straightforward instructions.

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Meal delivery services have grown in popularity in recent years because they make managing daily meals exceedingly simple, particularly for people who get caught up in the daily grind and cannot find time for themselves. 

However, each person has a unique combination of priorities and needs that must be met, which may not be possible for every firm in the pool of service providers to meet because each one may excel in one area. While the fundamental goal of all meal delivery services is to make meal management more straightforward, you must conduct extensive research to pick a service that best meets your needs.

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