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GoodFood meal kit is a good option for a quick meal preparation with nation wide delivery service. They change their recipes every week and also have a breakfast menu for the smoothie lovers.
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In a nutshell

To stay healthy, one of the things you will need to keep in check is what you eat. Maintaining a good diet entails sorting the right food that you consume. That’s what Goodfood is all about; giving you a range of real and healthy ingredients. Goodfood blends culinary excellence and nutrition science to offer you ready-to-eat and raw ingredients that cover vegans, low-carb, paleo, and ketogenic diets. They aim at offering you ingredients and meals that is healthy for your body and mind. Furthermore, their prices are decent, along with timely (and free) delivery. Above all, they have a user-friendly website to help you make orders and pick ingredients with ease.

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What is Goodfood?

Formerly known as Culiniste, Goodfood was introduced to the market in 2015. It started out in Montreal and spread in other top cities in the country. Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy were the people behind Goodfood. The idea of starting Goodfood was inspired by the already viral meal kit delivery service in the US. With Good Food Canada, they deliver the same quantity of ingredients that are needed in a refrigerated box. Plus, they include all the necessary instructions to guide you on how to cook accordingly. So, all you need to do is order the meal kit, and start cooking as soon as you get it. It is a once-a-wee meal kit that includes raw ingredients for you to cook at home. The kit can include vegetables, meat, chicken, fruits, and more. However, they don’t include pantry staples like pepper, salt, or oil in the kit.

How Does Goodfood Work?

First off, you will need to subscribe to Goodfood Canada for you to enjoy its services. After that, you can choose between two to four recipes out of the seven that are offered. Typically, you will get a minimum of two meals of 4 servings for each delivery. But you can also get fewer servings sizes if you order more than two meals a week. It is important to note that you can order up to 4 meals of 4 servings each in a week. The ingredients in the box will come with thermal protection and some icepack to keep the meal fresh while they are being delivered to you. Even if no one is at home, the delivery guy will leave the box at your doorstep as instructed. This meal kit offers you options such as vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free ingredients. Generally, they tend to have fairly limited options if you have dietary restrictions. They also have some online plans that are not as intuitive as such. But, you can always look through the ingredients in detail for you to know the one that suits you best.With Good Food Canada, you will enjoy meals from India, Spain, Korea, Italy, Greece, and Thailand. Some of the proteins in the list include beef, chicken, plain protein, salmon, cod, pork, and shrimp.

Ordering at Goodfood

When you want to make an order on the website, you will start by ensuring your subscription is up to date. From there, you can go through the available ingredients on the site according to your dietary needs. Once you decide the combination of the ingredients to choose, you will proceed to check out and specify the drop off location.

How Does Goodfood Work in Canada?

Generally, Goodfood is specifically based in Canada, and they deliver their services to selected cities. The shipping of their meal kits is free, and you will not experience those annoying delivery windows. Turnaround times are generally between 5 and 7 days depending on the day you pick for your order to be delivered. The weekly recipes can be selected randomly. Also, the selection (ingredients) can be changed before the cut off day. They have one of the best delivery systems in Canada. The headquarters of Goodfood CA is in Montreal, but they have expanded their deliveries to other cities. Generally, here are some of the cities that Goodfood deliver their meal kits to:


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Who is Goodfood Good For?

Generally, Goodfood doesn’t put any limitation on who should use their products and who shouldn’t. Nevertheless, not everyone would be a fan of this meal kit service. So, who’s the ideal candidate? That will depend on what you want from the meal kit and if it will suit you accordingly. Here are some of the things you should consider to help you decide if Goodfood is a good choice for you;

  • If you enjoy a variety of meals. They do have different types of meals and ingredients that you can choose from. So, they have options for you. With Goodfood, you can enjoy creativity in the kitchen with minimal efforts.
  • If you are a vegan. Vegans are fully covered by this meal kit since there are special vegan recipes and ingredients that you can choose.
  • If you don’t have the time to go to the grocery store. You are a busy person, but you also want to eat at home. So, why don’t you invest in a meal kit like Goodfood?
  • You are strict on your diet. If you want to stay healthy with whatever you cook in the kitchen, Goodfood has got you covered.

Who isn’t Goodfood Good For?

Inasmuch as Goodfood is typically for anyone that wants to enjoy its services, it might not be the best for some people. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend it to someone that has dietary restrictions.

Luckily, vegans and vegetarians are all covered by this plan. Also, their meals take at least 15 minutes to prepare. So, if you find that too long, you might not enjoy this meal kit.

Goodfood Meal Options

There are a few meal options from Goodfood, and they include the following;

Easy-Prep Basket

This is the first option, and it comes with pre-cut vegetables and protein. They are easy to prepare and would take around 15 minutes to prepare each recipe. It is a time-save plan, and it includes low-carb recipes. You also get to choose from 12 new recipes that are added each week.

Classic Basket

This is the most popular meal option of the three. It is the best choice for the adventurous in the kitchen and if you like spending some time in the kitchen.

Family Basket

This option offers you 8 weekly choices that include kid-friendly recipes. Each recipe in the family basket comes with neutral spices. It is the cheapest option of all and comes with fewer options. Also, the dishes in this basket are typically bland.

Vegetarian options are only available in the Classic Basket, while low-carb ingredients option is available in the Easy-Prep basket.

For the breakfast subscriptions and ready-to-eat add-ons, you will need to choose a specific Goodfood Canada plan first.

Best Goodfood Meals

The Goodfood menu includes some of the best meals out there. Some of their common meals include the Coconut Peanut Chicken and Beef Stroganoff.

The fact that these two meals are of all ages, and you can even choose the serving of two if you don’t want too much of it. The taste is also kid-friendly, and you’ll be sure of enjoying these meals to the fullest.

You can also go with the Senegalese-Style Peanut Tofu over Fluffy Rice and String Beans that are super delicious and healthy as well.

Goodfood Costs, Details, and Features

The Good Food meal kit comes with different prices. Each meal option will cost differently. The lowest cost of an Easy-Prep Basket for the first week is $60, which includes 2 recipes of 4 servings.

Conversely, 4 recipes of 4 servings will cost you $144. This is the most expensive plan for them, but it does save you time. But you can also choose to pay per serving, which is $7.56.

The Classic basket will cost you at least $7.85 per serving. For the first week, you will pay $50.21 for 2 recipes of 4 recipes. Furthermore, 4 recipes for 4 servings will cost you around $117.

Family Basket will cost you $7.32 per serving. For 2 recipes of 4 servings, you will pay $52.79 for the first week, while 4 recipes of 4 servings will cost you around $123 in a week.

Pros and Cons of Goodfood



Goodfood Help & Support

According to most good food reviews, customer support is one of the best among meal kit services. You can get in touch with them via Twitter or Facebook, where you can chat with the customer support staff.

Also, there is an email address and a phone number that is tolled. All in all, their response rate is very reliable.

Goodfood Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can cancel your order or change it any time before the cutoff day. Keep in mind that you will have to wait for another 5 to 7 days after you make the alteration. They do have a return policy, but you don’t get cashback. Instead, the company will place a credit to your Goodfood Account for any product that you are dissatisfied with. However, you will have to reach the customer support for you to get the credit

Goodfood FAQ.

Q: How long will the meals stay fresh?

A: All the Goodfood meals are meant to stay fresh for 7 days once you receive them. But for the foods like seafood or fish, you should cook them as soon as you receive them or at least keep them in a deep freezer.

Q:What I the minimum subscription length?

A: No, there isn’t one. You can cancel your subscription at any time prior to your weekly cutoff

Final Verdict

As you could read in our Goodfood review this meal kit provider is one of the largest in Canada available nation wide. They provide large variety of recipes that range different dietary needs. If you are looking for low carbs or vegetarian recipes you can find them at Goodfood, also some time they have keto diet recipes like this one if you are a busy individual their 15 min easy cook meal plans are a great option for you.

Be Safe

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.

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8.5Expert Score
Very Good

Goodfood has a huge variety of meals and ingredient options from low carb to ketodiet. There cool breakfast service is perfect for the smoothie lovers

Food Quality
Meal variety
Ease of use
The Good
  • Has Ketodiet meals
  • Breakfast menu
  • Great recipe cards
  • Free Delivery
The Bad
  • Serving 2 or more
  • UX can be better
  • Can do better meat lovers

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    We ordered GoodFood and beside a small mistake with one ingredient we had a very tasty dinner. The portion size was perfect for me and my husband. One suggestion is to add more meat recipes.

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    Get up to $200 OFF
    Get Up to $200 Off + Free Breakfast For Life
    Get up to $200 OFF
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    Get Up to $200 Off + Free breakfast for life
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