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Cook It offers meal kits to busy people who like to feel and eat well. There is a decent variety of meals and plans for 2,3,4 people. Not Available via MKD Click here to view alternatives

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In a nutshell

Cook It is a Quebec-based meal delivery company that covers up to 95% of Eastern Canada. They offer two, three, and four serving meals with two to seven meals per week. Prices start at $7.89 per portion, which includes almost everything needed to cook like a pro! Their website also offers common pantry staples, as well as gift cards.

With its presence in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces, Cook It is one of the most popular meal delivery companies in Eastern Canada. They offer 16 recipes per week. You can order both ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals as desired. However, they lack options for people who have specific dietary requirements and fitness goals.

What is Cook It?

Founded in 2014, Cook It was born out of the dream of three young individuals to cut food waste and simplify the lives of Quebec residents. Cook It understands how complicated our everyday lives can be. To make it simpler, they are offering ready-to-cook meals perfect for any aspiring chef who does not have the time to shop fresh ingredients. They also offer a great selection of ready-to-eat meals for those who do not have the time and energy to cook.

With a team of experienced chefs, Cook It carefully plans their weekly menu to offer variety. All recipes are ready with 15 to 30 minutes. They use fresh and local ingredients. They also offer flexible plans, which will allow you to cancel or skip a week anytime without a fee.

In late 2019 Cook It has acquired Miss fresh and positioned themselves as one of the biggest players in the Canadian meal delivery market. 

Is Cook It for you? There’s one way to find out. Read this short Cook It review and learn from the insights we’ll be sharing.

How Does Cook It Work?

Cook It Canada has a seamless website that facilitates the ordering process. Below, we’ll look at a quick step-by-step guide to enjoy the impressive services Cook It can provide.        

  1. Sign up on the website. This is also when you will choose how often you would order. You can also change your delivery day depending on your availability. This is unlike other companies that deliver only once or twice a week.
  2. Pick your recipes. You will have diverse options. 16 new recipes are available every week to tickle your taste buds. These chef-designed recipes can be cooked in 15 to 30 minutes. For the ready-to-eat meals, on the other hand, they are ready within five minutes.
  3. Wait for your orders to be delivered. They are packed in insulated boxes, which is one way to guarantee freshness while your food is in transit.
  4. Cook your meals. Each box comes with easy-to-follow recipe cards, so you can cook like a pro. If you ordered ready-to-eat meals, then all that you have to do is to reheat them.

Cook It’s menu is divided into two categories – Regular and Vegetarian. You will then choose from 2, 3, and 4 servings per meal. After this selection, you will pick how many meals per week you want to order, which can range from two to seven meals weekly. You will see the price per week and per serving.

For people with strict dietary requirements, limited options are available. Unlike other meal kit companies in Canada, you won’t have the option to select a bundle based on your diet, such as Keto or paleo. You also cannot pick meals based on fitness goals, such as weight loss or muscle gain.

How Does Cook It Work in Canada?

Cook It operates in almost 95% of Eastern Canada, covering areas of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. It is a food delivery service with convenient daily schedules depending on what you will choose. They offer three plans depending on the number of servings per meal. As noted above, you will also choose how many meals will be included per plan. One thing that makes Cook It Toronto unique is that it also has an online pantry. You can buy things you will need in your pantry, such as fresh fruits, beverages, and spreads. Below are some of the key cities where the company operates;


Who is Cook It Good For?

Cook It Montreal is good for busy individuals who seldom find the time to buy or cook food. It is for aspiring chefs who would like to cook but often have limited time to go to the grocery and shop fresh ingredients. It is also for those who do not have the time to cook since there are ready-to-eat meals that you will simply need to reheat to enjoy

Who isn’t Cook It Good For?

Cook It Canada is not for people who have strict dietary needs. One of the biggest drawbacks is that their meals are categorized based on the number of servings. This is as against some of its leading competitors with meals that are based on specific goals, such as eight, or specific diets, such as paleo.

Cook It Meal Options

Cook It has 16 weekly recipes. This is pretty decent in terms of choices. You can choose from two, three, or four servings. The cheapest that you can get is a three serving per meal with two meals per week, which is $66. Their meals can go as low as $7.89 per portion.

Unfortunately, they do not offer special packages based on health and fitness goals or diet. They do not have a vegan, vegetarian, keto, low-carb, or gluten-free meal plan. It is also noticeable that they do not have muscle gain or weight loss packages.

Best Cook It Meals

With the selection of Cook It meals, which one should you choose? If you are clueless, below is a quick look at some of the dishes that you might want to try.


  • Honey and BBQ Spiced Chicken: With 622 calories, this recipe takes only 30 minutes to prepare. The combination of honey and spices will make this a mouthwatering dish. The robust flavors come from a mix of cilantro, shallots, lime, and BBQ spices. There is also brown rice on the side for healthy carbs. Plus, you will also get feta cheese, tomato, and corn salad.
  • Creamy Pesto and Avocado Linguine: Enjoy a delicious pasta dish without the guilt! This linguine recipe has basil pesto for a distinct flavor. It is made rich and creamy by the guacamole and Romano cheese. For texture and flavor, it also has slivered almonds, zucchini, kale, and green peace.

Sole Filet and Citrus: If you like eating fish, this dish is for you. It comes with a sole filet, which will be easy to prepare and eat. It also has basil, baby spinach, orange, lemon, and slivered almonds. Basmati rice is also included in the meal.

Cook It Costs, Details, and Features

One of the best things about Cook It is its price. It isn’t the cheapest option available in the market, but it is affordable. This is especially considering the quality of the meals that you can get in every or order





























Pros and Cons of Cook It



Where Does Cook It Operate

As of the time of writing this review, Cook It is delivering in Quebec, Ontario, and Maritime provinces. It is available in 95% of Eastern Canada. 

Cook It Help & Support

If you need assistance, you will have several ways to reach their customer support team. Their website has a responsive live chat feature, which is great if you need immediate answers to your queries. You can also call them at (514) 544-2665 if you are in Montreal. Otherwise, you can reach their toll-free number at 1 (877) 559-0546. You can also send them an email at [email protected].

Cook It Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can cancel your orders before the scheduled delivery. Do this before the allowed time so that you will be eligible for a refund. You need to do it before Tuesday midnight on the week that you would like to skip or cancel. If it is too late, you can also get in touch with their team until Wednesday noon. If it is not yet packed or delivered, they can cancel, and you will not b e billed.

Cook It FAQ

Before we end this review, allow us to answer some questions you might have.

Q: What’s included in the box?

A:The box will include all the main ingredients that you will need for a chosen recipe. To limit packaging, most of the items commonly available in the kitchen are not included, such as salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, and butter

Q: What should I do with the packaging?

A: Cook It Canada emphasizes sustainability. Do not throw the packaging. They all go in the recycling bin. The containers are also durable and reusable

Final Verdict

In sum, Cook It is exceptional in more ways than one. The company offers great value for money, especially considering the quality of the ingredients and meals that they provide. It is a great way to enjoy good food even if you have a busy life!

Be Careful

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.

Not Available via MKD Click here to view alternatives
8.4Expert Score
Very Good

Cook It is one of the biggest Canadian meal delivery service. It has 16 changing recipes and the option to add pantry to the order. It is no the service for people with special dietary needs.

Food Quality
Meal variety
Ease of use
The Good
  • Vegetarian and Gluten
  • Recipes that are fast to cook
  • Sustainable Kits
  • Gift cards
  • Delivery is limited
  • No meals for special diets

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  1. 1.5
    FOOD Variety

    Customer Service doesn’t care about you.

    The food was good but very repetitive.

    If you try contacting them by phone, most days the system will ask you to call back or just hang up on you. If you do manage to get through, they will listen to your problem (in my case I received everything wrong) then apologize and tell you to verify your emails better in the future. (Thanks Roselyne)

    The person who referred me didn’t receive the 40% off and had to get in contact with them to finally receive it.

    I had other problems with this company.

    If I could give 0 stars I would but it deserves 1 star for the food quality.

    + PROS: Food was good but is very repetitive.
    - CONS: Customer Service doesn’t care about you.
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