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Since the pandemic of 2019, home delivery services have become all the rage since many preferred avoiding the unnecessary risk of contracting the deadly virus. Not surprisingly, meal delivery services too saw a general increase in their trend as new and more innovative services opened up during this time, raising the overall competition in the market. 

Alberta, the fourth most populous province in Canada, also joined in on the hype of these services as several companies began their operations there. This article aims to cover 5 of the best meal delivery companies serving Albertans to help you make an informed decision about which one would be most likely to cater to your needs. 

Alberta: The Land of Prairies

Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada which is also why it is so vastly populated with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It makes it a great place to connect with people and enjoy the benefits of diversity this province offers. It is a great place to live, considering its top-notch education system, climate and economy, and it also has great tourism potential. 

Alberta is known for its natural beauty, which has the aesthetic appeal to attract tourists. From exploring the great Rockies to enjoying the bounties of the beautiful prairies and forest regions, tourists can find all these fantastic experiences within the areas of Alberta. Not to add, the two biggest cities of Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton, are genuinely urban and great for millennials and tourists who like to indulge in different festivals and cultures worldwide.

Alberta is one of the three prairie provinces in Canada, which means it has no shortage of lowlands and plains, making it very suitable for agriculture and farming practices. Any meals available in this region are likely to be fresh since ingredients can be easily sourced from local markets. It could be why most meal delivery companies serving in Alberta prioritize providing quality and locally sourced ingredients in their meal kits. 

Please keep reading to find brief reviews of what we suppose are the best meal kit companies in Alberta.

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The 5 Best Meal Delivery Services in Alberta, Canada


As the name suggests, this meal delivery company is all about delivering the freshest and locally sourced ingredients in its meal kits to ensure customer satisfaction. The encouraging customer testimonials on their website positively reflect on their services and indicate that they have maintained the aim of their service to never compromise on the quality of their meal kits. 

The company is dedicated to sustainable growth and a zero-waste policy, likely one of the aspects that have helped it gather a good clientele. Fitting all their pre-portioned meal kit ingredients into a single box makes their zero-waste implementation techniques quite visionary, leaving the other methods obsolete in comparison. 

It not only eliminates the usage of plastic bags, contributing to environmental friendliness, but also adds to the overall convenience of the meal kit. 


We are sure you have heard about meal kit delivery services and weight loss meal kit delivery services. But, we are also sure that there is no other app in the market like that of Noom. Noom not only focuses on the traditional weight loss approach through diet control but takes it a step further and focuses on the psychological aspect of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

With Noom, not only do you get tailored, healthy meals delivered to you, but also constant assistance, guidance and a vigilant check by the trainers and health coaches. It is the perfect service to turn your lifestyle around for the better and enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle. With Noom, good results are guaranteed. 


HelloFresh is an incredibly convenient meal delivery service that makes preparing delectable meals easy yet fun. It allows consumers to choose from a total of 6 meal plans which can be based upon and categorized into six different preferences. The customers can either select a particular preference for all their meals or choose a mix of different categories to curate a meal plan tailored to their needs. 

HelloFresh ensures that there is something for everyone in their large selection of meals. Hence, it is not just individuals or young couples who can benefit from the service, but families too can benefit a great deal from the vast range of family and kid-friendly recipes that HelloFresh offers. Furthermore, HelloFresh offers incredible discounts and free shipping occasionally, making it popular amongst the masses. The firm lives up to its name with its boxes containing the freshest components needed to prepare a meal, so you can relax knowing that your and your family’s health is in excellent hands


Unless you live under a rock in the 21st century, the chances are that you have heard of the Keto diet as it is all people rave about these days due to the fantastic results. However, when it comes to meal kit delivery services, there are not many keto-friendly options available, which can be a hassle for those maintaining this lifestyle. It is where Keto Cycle takes the case. It is a one-of-a-kind meal kit delivery service that only offers keto-friendly meals. They have a wide variety of over 1000 different, healthy, and delicious keto meals so that their customers never run out of options to try while maintaining a healthy, keto life. 

Papa Earth

As the name suggests, Papa Earth is all about fresh, locally grown produce. Their products are sustainable, fresh, grown on local farms, and organic. You can get the best quality fresh products delivered at your doorstep rather than searching various stores for the freshest groceries. The delivery is provided every 2,3, 4, or 6 weeks and according to their needs, the customers can choose from small, medium, or large-sized boxes. They also provide high-quality meats, whether it is steak, fish, bison, lamb and ribeye. They offer excellent and healthy delivery services for you and your family to enjoy rich food without leaving the comfort of your house.


Intermittent fasting is another trend that has gained high popularity in recent years; however, it is a very complex process, and many people fail to follow it properly due to its technicalities. It is also a bit tough to understand how to apply it to your daily routine, especially if you have a routine that keeps changing or is very tough to follow. This is where DoFasting comes in. Like many health tracking apps, DoFasting provides a way to keep track of the intermittent fasting goals for its customers. Still, unlike other health tracking apps, they also provide good knowledge and tips and tricks for intermittent fasting, along with a guide to the healthiest and most delicious recipes for the customers to follow, thus making it a favourite amongst users. Since finding good recipes and preparing food is one less thing that the users need to worry about on top of their intermittent fasting routine.

Nutri Meals

Nutri Meals is a leading meal kit delivery service in Calgary and Western Canada. It is run by a group of highly motivated and passionate individuals with only one aim: Making a healthy lifestyle and food choices convenient rather than a hassle. Using Nutri meals is very easy and convenient; you must subscribe to your favourite meal plan and then enjoy weekly meal deliveries throughout the month. They have a delicious menu of healthy meals that considers different dietary requirements and provide nutritious and delicious meal kits. They cater to all dietary requirements, and you can consult their nutritionist for uniquely tailored dietary requirements. It is a top-rated service in Nova Scotia due to its efficient system, helpful staff, delicious meals, punctuality, and reasonable cost. 

Rooted Meal Prep

As tough as it is to follow a healthy, organic, plant-based diet, it is even tougher to prepare for it. Not only do you have to let go of your previous food habits (if you were not always a vegan), but you also spend extensive time and energy preparing plant-based meals due to the limited options available. Rooted Meal Prep is one meal kit delivery service that understands this hassle and is determined on the mission to provide healthy, fresh, yummy, nutritious, and creative plant-based meal kits delivered to its customers. First, their expert chef creates mouth-wateringly delicious nutritious meal recipes for the clients; then, they pick out the best, locally produced, fresh ingredients and pre-measure them into meal kit boxes. Then, a weekly box is delivered to the customers containing the recipes, instructions, and pre-measured ingredients for the delicious meal preparation. All the customer has to do is follow the recipe, and Voila! A delicious meal will be ready in no time.

LiveFit foods

LiveFit foods is one of the few meal kit delivery services in the market that caters to various lifestyle and diet options. Whether you are following a keto diet, have plans to gain muscles, or follow an extensive diet regime to lose weight, LiveFit provides it. It has a very vast menu with various options for different dietary restrictions. Following your diet is super easy with LiveFit foods, as they consider all the customers’ dietary restrictions and provide them with the best options, including desserts and snacks, to satisfy cravings or late-night munching. They deliver meals in eco-friendly packaging, showing their passion and commitment to their clients and the environment. All you have to do is heat the meal for a delicious meal.

Isabelle Hout

A nutritionist is the best person to advise you on healthy eating. Renowned Canadian dietitian Isabelle Huot now offers pre-packaged meal kits. Look no further if you want hearty, wholesome, and tasty prepared meals at your doorsteps. You can just heat the meals you want to enjoy without worrying about your health because they will be delivered straight to your home, keeping in mind all your dietary restrictions. Customers can choose a meal box of their choice from a range of 10, 20, or 30 meals from the extensive and mouthwatering selection offered. One can even contact them to join one of their weight loss programmes and pave the way to a healthy weight loss journey. They even cater to individuals with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


In the market for meal kit delivery services, GoodFood is well-known, and for a good reason. GoodFood will provide you with all the recipes and ingredients you want, whether you are just beginning to cook or want nutritious meals that you can swiftly create during the week. With GoodFoods, you can play with a range of food options and explore your taste buds while living a healthy lifestyle.  You won’t get bored because of the varied menu, which includes dishes from around the world, and is updated weekly. For the meals you choose, GoodFood delivers weighed-out, fresh, and nutritious items to your front door.

Revive Superfoods

Thanks to Revive Superfoods, it’s not difficult to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle, even at this age. The service provides frozen, ready-to-blend meals that are delicious, nourishing, and free of preservatives in the most practical form, namely, direct delivery to your home or workplace. The service also offers a small selection of single-serving cups of soups, plant-based meals, and cereals, all of which are delivered frozen. With reasonable prices and free shipping, Revive Superfoods offers fantastic value.

Final Verdict:

Food is an integral part of our everyday lives since it not only shapes our bodies but our minds as well. Improper nutrition can make us physically weak and affect our mental capacities, making us lazy, frustrated and incapable of working correctly. 

Many people tend to forget the significance of proper food consumption in the chaos of everyday life. Although it may seem that they prioritize work, this is not the case since their work will only be affected in the long run if food and nutrition are compromised.

 Meal delivery companies aim to target this issue by making it convenient to manage everyday meals in the middle of daily life. All one has to do is carefully pick out a service best catering to their needs and then leave it up to these services to handle their weekly meals.

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