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Meal delivery services have been designed to ensure that you can put delicious meals on your table daily without spending hour upon hour preparing them. They help you save money and time, allowing you to cook many things. 

These days, you have numerous options, but choosing a meal kit delivery service that best aligns with your lifestyle can be tricky. But whether you are vegetarian or vegan, are restricted due to dietary specifications, or are just too busy to plan meals every week, you can find a service that makes your life easier.

What does Nova Scotia Offer?

Nova Scotia is hip and happening and perfect for you if you are searching for a location for a romantic getaway with your partner. The place offers thrill and excitement for all. From kayak tours to sailing trips, it has it all. Even searching for a bit of peace, you can always opt for spirit tastings and oceanside picnics. 

Take your beloved out for a picnic by the ocean and make them realize how thoughtful you are. If you want to top your evening with delicious and healthy food, you can order from a meal kit delivery service. After all, good food and good company are all you need!

How To Pick a Meal Kit Service?

Choosing a meal kit delivery service has a proper method to it. There are various factors that you need to take into account to pick a business that is just right for you. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is opt for a service that has a diverse menu. It should have several options that fit your dietary restrictions and food preferences.
  2. Search for a business that uses sustainably sourced and high-quality ingredients.
  3. You must go through the ingredient lists of the service you want to opt for. Avoid meals with a large amount of sodium, artificial preservatives, and added sugars. 
  4. Lastly, consider the cost incurred and choose a meal kit delivery service that falls within your budget and is available in the region of Nova Scotia.
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Best Meal Kits for Nova Scotia That You Need


Noom is a subscription-based application that works to bring about positive lifestyle changes. Since everyone has different needs and lifestyle habits, Noom focuses on developing customized programs for all its consumers. Emphasizing behavioural psychology, Noom aims to bring positive changes from within. 


HelloFresh prides itself on being one of the most convenient meal kit delivery services. It offers a large selection of healthy, easy-to-make, and fun recipes to cater to its customer base. The company’s meals are budget-friendly and delivered right to your doorstep. You can set your table with tasty food in less than 30 minutes. HelloFresh is best suited for people who are short on time and want to cut down time spent on meal planning.

Papa Earth

This service is not specifically a meal delivery service, but a company focused on bringing your preferred choice of meat directly to your home. Papa Earth is committed to providing quality meat that is not only free of anti-biotics but is also free-range and locally sourced to maintain freshness. The service is based in Ontario and Quebec, making shipping free in these regions but may be relatively expensive for other regions of Canada. This service provides flexibility and utmost convenience to its customers with customized baskets.

Keto Cycle

Keto Cycle is an application that explicitly emphasizes making ketogenic diets easier.

Their personality quizzes consider every individual’s various characteristics to create personalized programs. Their ketogenic recipes provide consumers with nutritious and healthy meals and an incredible taste palette. In simple words, the keto cycle is not only a diet-based application but a lifestyle application that provides customers with much more, including but not limited to workouts and progress tracking.


This application is specifically designed for intermittent fasting. While many believe that there is only one approach to it, DoFasting carries 7 regimens, giving customers the freedom to choose one that best suits their schedule. With its 60-second quiz and features like progress tracking, the software offers incredible flexibility and versatility in its programs.


GoodFood is a meal delivery service that has been running for some time in Canada. Due to this, the company has established itself as a brand name in most parts of Canada. With simple, ready-to-eat meals and freshly sourced ingredients for meal kits, this company brings to the table convenience in all its forms to its consumers. A vast menu and easily customizable baskets ensure that GoodFood is suitable for a large audience.

Isabelle Huot

This company focuses on providing weight loss meals to its clientele. Isabelle Huot aims to maintain a healthy lifestyle with its meals. The company does so by ensuring that all meals are quality controlled and carry vast amounts of vegetables. With meals with a shelf life of 77 days, Isabelle Huot focuses on maintaining freshness in its meals, which most meal delivery services fail to do.

LiveFit Foods

Being one of the best healthy meal kit companies in Canada, Live Fit offers a choice of freshly made meal kit alternatives that are prepared and may only be heated before eating. It is tailored specifically for customers on various weight-loss or weight-gain adventures, such as keto, juice cleanses, vegan, weight loss programmes, and others. LiveFit promises to offer healthier meal options, eliminate the need for empty calories, and improve users’ perceptions of their bodies.

Revive SuperFoods

This service offers free deliveries and reasonable meal options, which enables customers to get a bang for their buck. Revive Superfood aims to provide consumers with healthy, nutritious meals by directing most of their meals towards organic, natural components such as oats, fruits and berries. It ensures that the meals are full of taste and super packed with essential nutrients required by a healthy body. The service also offers a small selection of single-serving cups of soups, plant-based meals, and cereals, all of which are delivered frozen.

Last Words

If you are searching for a way to limit the number of groceries you buy and reduce the guesswork that goes into cooking, then a meal kit delivery is what you need. They can maximize convenience for you within a wide range of budgets.

Meal Kits Delivery Canada
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