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Meal Kit Delivery in Canadian Cities and Locations

There are not many nation-wide meal delivery companies in Canada. Usually, only international companies, such as HelloFresh can afford the logistics of the country-wide delivery. The majority of meal kit services deliver in one or two provinces hoping to expand to the rest of the country someday in the future. So, if you heard of a good meal kit company and would like to try their menu, first of all, you need to check whether they deliver to your place of residence. For this purpose, we created lists of meal kit companies in Canada according to their delivery area. Please select your city or region and read a brief review of each meal delivery company that serves your area.

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Final Words About Meal Kit Delivery in Canadian Cities and Locations

What is the best way to learn about the meal kit delivery companies in your area? Unfortunately, not every company, especially a small local one, is able to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on TV, radio, and online commercials. While big names buy their audience, small local businesses rely on word of mouth and online reviews on various platforms like this one.  

Before you make your choice towards a  well-established multinational company or a small local business, please check our regional pages and see which companies deliver in your area.

Meal Kits Delivery Canada
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