Paleo Meal Delivery

With several Paleo meal delivery services operating in Canada it is not easy to find the right one for you. To help you find the best caveman diet meal kit, we’ve reviewed the top providers for variety, cost, delivery options, and other features.

The Best Paleo Meal Kits in Canada - 2022

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In a nutshell

With Paleo meal delivery, following the caveman diet will be easy. You can enjoy delicious food delivered at your doorsteps. From grass-fed meat to fresh veggies, the best Paleo meal delivery companies use high-quality ingredients to prepare pre-portioned meals that will meet your dietary requirements.

Following a paleo diet is not always easy, as you need to make sure you have all the meat, fish, seeds, herbs etc. and also look out for processed food, artificial sweeteners and sugar among other foods. But now people that want to consume paleolithic diet can now have the option to choose from ready to cook or ready to eat meals that do not contain the not wanted food. Fortunately, there are many great paleo delivery kits services that operate across Canada. The options vary by price, recipes, and delivery areas and in this article we will review some of the best brands in Canada that offer paleo meals. 

What is Paleo Meal Delivery?

A Paleo diet is based on the food consumption of our Paleolithic ancestors. Also called the caveman diet, it requires eating foods that were available only before the introduction of commercial food processing. It focuses on a simplistic style of eating without processed foods. From weight loss to improved mental clarity, this diet is believed to deliver a wide array of benefits.

Preparing paleo meals can be a challenge for most people, especially for busy individuals. This is where paleo meal delivery enters the picture. It is a convenient delivery service wherein you will place your orders online, a team of professional chefs will prepare the foods, it will be delivered to your address, and you can enjoy it when you want to. All that you need to do is reheat and eat.

Looking for the best meal delivery service paleo can be overwhelming with all the different meal options and delivery areas but we are here to help you out, below are some of the best options that should be on your list.


Best Paleo Meal Delivery Service

1. HelloFresh

Canada’s No. 1 Meal Kit!
For those paleo diet followers who would rather cook their food like cavemen, Hello Fresh is a great service. They deliver all the fresh ingredients you will need and a recipe card with step-by-step instructions in an insulated box. Today you can save $80 on your first three orders with HelloFresh promo code MKC80. At Hello Fresh, you will receive fresh and seasonal ingredients for meals that you can easily whip in the kitchen. You can curate your menu weekly and choose three from over 25 recipes available on their website. You can choose from two or four servings for two to four people each week. One thing that makes Hello Fresh stand out from the competition is its emphasis on sustainability. From sourcing to shipping, the company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. They use paper-based packaging as a way to become eco-friendly and encourage recycling. Cost/Minimum Order: The minimum order of three recipes for two people per week will cost you $78.93, including a $9.99 shipping fee. Average Weekly Meals: Three to four recipes per week. Availability: Deliver 95% of Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec. What we liked:
  1. You can skip a week or cancel anytime
  2. You can customize your box
  3. Environment conscious, take part in a recycling program
What we did not like:
  1. Not enough Vegan Options
  2. Portions are not so large

2. Chefs Plate

From $2.99 per serving!

Get 67% OFF The First Box + 22% Off The Next 2!

It makes home cooking affordable for everyone!

Chefs Plate is known as one of the lowest-cost meal kits in Canada. A single serving will cost you $8.99-9.99 depending on the number of recipes you order. 

Chefs Plate meals are the most appealing to those customers who like to cook fast. The company offers a decent selection of meals that can be cooked in 15 minutes or less.


Cost/Minimum order:  As low as $45.96 per week when you order two recipes for two people per week. That includes a $6 shipping fee.

Average weekly meals: two two four recipes per week

Availability: Available to the residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan.

What we liked:

  1. Moderate prices
  2. Great selection of recipes
  3. Time-saving cooking

What we did not like:

  1.  No allergy information
  2. Too much packaging

3. Eat Savage 

Eat Savage is a healthy meal delivery service that covers Toronto and most of the Greater Toronto Area. They have chef-prepared and ready-to-eat foods using only the freshest ingredients available. All meals do not contain artificial ingredients, refined sugars, preservatives, soy, and gluten.

Their Paleo Meal Plan subscription is one of their bestsellers. This is an automated subscription plan, so no need to re-order every week. They have three plans – 5, 10, and 15-meal packages. 

With Eat Savage, you can choose to have your Paleo meals delivered or picked up, depending on what you find to be more convenient.

Probably this is your best Paleo meal delivery option in Toronto.

Cost/Minimum Order: $70 with 5 meals  

Average Weekly Meals: 15 to 24 meals on the vegan plan

Sample meals we liked:

  • Paleo Shepherd’s Pie
  • Greek Village Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Mango Salad Bowl

Availability: Delivery is available in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

What we liked:

  1. They use only antibiotic-free and grass-fed meat
  2. Has the option for delivery and pick-up
  3. Affordable meal plans

What we did not like:

  1. Limited menu choices
  2. Online ordering system is difficult to use

4. Fresh City Farms

City living does not mean that you won’t have access to everything fresh you can find on farms. At Fresh City Farms, they promise to provide organic and sustainable food for everyone, including those who are following the Paleo diet.

One thing that makes Fresh City Farms stands out is the selection of the offerings on their website. If you are on a paleo diet, aside from meal kits and prepared meals, they also have fresh produce bags, bread, pastries, and groceries, among others.

For their meal kits, while they have a selection of paleo meals, it isn’t as extensive as what is offered by its leading competitors. Nonetheless, with their selection of meat, seafood, and fresh produce, you are sure to find foods that are suitable for your Paleo diet

Cost/Minimum Order: Minimum order of $125 for orders in Toronto, $150 for Greater Toronto Area

Average Weekly Meals: No weekly meal plans just order whenever you like 

Sample meals we liked:

  • Organic Roasted Brassica Caesar
  • Organic Macro Bowl
  • Organic Sesame Orange Chicken, jar

Availability: Delivery is available in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, including Ajax, Brampton, Hamilton, King City, Uxbridge *PICK UP STORE IS CLOSED NOW.   

What we liked:

  1. Great meal jars
  2. Affordable prices for meals
  3. Has a rotating menu to offer a variety

What we did not like:

  1. No weekly meal plans
  2. No mobile application
  3. Limited menu for paleo specific food but you can use some of the vegan menu
Read full Fresh City review 

5. ActivEats 

With nutritionist-designed meals, ActivEats is a Toronto-based company delivering foods weekly without a subscription requirement. Breakfast meals start at $7 while lunches and dinners are approximately $10.85. They have different meal sets available, including weight loss, fit, gluten-free, balance, and of course, vegan.

For their vegan meal sets, you can choose from 5 to 14 meals for the weekly plan. The cheapest would be $89 and the most expensive is $159 for one week. It is a pre-set menu, so there will be no meal substitutions. On average, these meals will have 1,500 calories per day.

With ActivEats vegan meal delivery, you can save up to ten hours weekly on grocery shopping and cooking. All meals are delivered cooked, and all that you need to do is to reheat them quickly and enjoy.

Cost/Minimum Order: $89 per week, minimum order of five meals.

Average Weekly Meals: 5 to 14 meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Vegan Bean Chili
  • Tropical Bean and Quinoa Salad
  • Chickpea and Veggie Pasta

Availability: Deliver in Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Brampton, Oakville

What we liked:

  1. Has an affordable vegan meal plan
  2. Website offers a live chat feature
  3. Seamless ordering system 

What we did not like:

  1. Limited delivery options
  2. Portion sizes can be larger

6. Meal Prep Ottawa

For fresh, healthy, and smart eating, Meal Prep Ottawa is another great option for the best Paleo meal delivery. They serve fully-cooked and macro-balanced paleo meals, which are delivered straight to your door. This makes it easy to take control of your diet with the help of in-house chefs who curate a rotating menu. Healthy food will never be boring as you can expect variety from their weekly deliveries.

Take note that Meal Prep Ottawa does not provide a pre-set Paleo menu. However, they have various a la carte items, so you can customize your order with your choice of Paleo items from their extensive menu, including meats and veggies. For their meal boxes, those who are on a Paleo Diet can choose their Produce Box, which contains a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cost/Minimum Order: Paleo meal plan for 5 meals at $65

Average Weekly Meals: Five to twenty meals per week

  • Moroccan Spiced Beef
  • Grilled Herb Turkey Tenderloin / Cauli Rice & Carrots
  • Jerk Pulled Beef / Broccoli / Roasted Mushrooms

Availability: Delivery is restricted to Ottawa area, including Gatineau and Hull

What we liked:

  1. Has a varied menu for several diet plans
  2. Option to add a la carte meals
  3. Can order up to 20 meals per week

What we did not like:

  1. Website can be improved
  2. Minimum order requirement of $55
  3. Chefs choice is not clear. we want to know what we get.

7. MVP Meals

MVP Meals is an Ontario-based meal delivery service. One thing that makes the company stand out among other options for Paleo meal delivery Canada is the fact that they have a restaurant as well. You can also choose to have your items picked up. They are also available via Uber Eats, so you can order food on demand and not solely based on a weekly subscription.

Their Paleo Meal Plan is available as a one-time purchase or a weekly plan. If you choose to subscribe to a weekly plan, you will get a 5% discount. There is an option for delivery every one or two weeks. Products will be automatically delivered as scheduled. Nonetheless, you can cancel or skip a week anytime without any charges. You can choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20 meals. There are three to four varieties in every meal. It comes with Paleo starches, such as root vegetables and potatoes. There are also Paleo-friendly protein sources, such as grass-fed meat.

Cost/Minimum Order: $65 for five meals in a weekly plan

Average Weekly Meals: 3 Paleo package will contain 3-4 meal options a week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Buffalo Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables
  • Stir-Fry Beef over Zucchini Noodles
  • Zucchini Pesto Chicken Pasta

Availability: Delivery is available in most parts of Ontario, including Kitchener, New Hamburg, Cambridge, Baden, Waterloo, Guelph, and Breslau

What we liked:

  1. Office catering service 
  2. Affordable meals
  3. Includes a detailed description of every meal

What we did not like:

  1. Only offers a maximum of three dinners per week
  2. Limited variety of the menu

8. Power Kitchen

If you are looking for Paleo meal delivery Toronto, Power Kitchen is one option worth noting. Serving the Greater Toronto Area, they have over 100 meal options, more than 12 protein options, and eight weekly rotating menus.

They have a variety of meal boxes for people with special dietary needs, and one of the most popular is their Paleo meal box. You can choose a one-time purchase or a weekly subscription. If you choose the latter, you can receive 5% off on your subscriptions. For your Paleo meal box, you will need to choose three meals to complete your order. It has healthy meats and vegetables and avoids processed foods and grains. Their Paleo meals will let you eat like a hunter-gatherer, except that you don’t need to hunt for your foods. They will take care of everything.

Cost/Minimum Order: Paleo Box $78.36 – 208.96. Minimum of three meals.

Average Weekly Meals: 6-16 meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Lemon Herb Chicken Breast with Garlic Herb Carrots and Steamed Green Beans
  • Hungarian Paprikash Chicken Thigh with Spaghetti Squash and Steamed Green Beans
  • Chimichurri Steak with Cauliflower Herb Mash and Spaghetti Squash

Availability: Delivery is available in 40 cities in Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Aurora, Ashburn, Ingleton, Brampton, York  

What we liked:

  1. Get 5% off on weekly subscriptions
  2. Diverse meal selections
  3. Offers options to fully customize your meals
  4. The snacks menu

What we did not like:

  1. Need to order from desktop. No mobile application

9. Essential

Essential Meal Delivery is a Toronto-based company that delivers fresh handcrafted meals.  They have personal chefs who curate a healthy menu, making sure that you receive nutrition-dense food, which have at least 35% protein. They use only the freshest ingredients and offers a high level of personalization, making sure that your meal will suit your needs.

One of the best things about Essential Meal Delivery is that all meals part of their regular menu can be converted into Paleo versions without incurring additional charges. This means that you get the same delicious dishes while following a strictly Paleo diet.

The Paleo meals at Essential Meal Delivery are available in four sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Snacks. You can choose which one suits your needs while making sure that everything is pre-portioned.

Do you want to save money the next time you order Paleo meals? Essential Meal Delivery offers 15% discount on your first 20 orders.

Cost/Minimum Order: $15 to $18 per meal

Average Weekly Meals: min 4 meals for AM and min 2 for PM meals.

Availability: Delivery is available in Downtown and Central Toronto .

What we liked:

  1. Meals are available in four sizes
  2. Has post-workout meals
  3. Free delivery in Downtown Toronto

What we did not like:

  1. Does not offer Kosher and Halal meals
  2. Limited variety in the menu
Read full Essential review 

Our Suggestions For Your Best Paleo Options in Canada

Best For TorontoEat Savage Meal Delivery Service – $12 a meal
Best For Ottawa: Meal Prep Ottawa Delivery Service – $13 per meal
Most Paleo Variety : Power Kitchen Meal Delivery Service – $13.19
Best Price Per Meal: Fresh City Farms – $9.75 per portion
Best For Paleo Deit: Eat Savage Meal Delivery Service – $12.00
Canada’s No. 1 Meal Kit!
From $2.99 per serving!

Get 67% OFF The First Box + 22% Off The Next 2!

It makes home cooking affordable for everyone!
Best meal prep for ON and QC!

GET $50 OFF on your first 3 orders + FREE shipping!

Healthy meals prepared and delivered fresh


Why Should You Consider Paleo Meal Delivery?

The best reason to consider Paleo meal delivery Vancouver or other cities in Canada, or even in the United States, is convenience. It is a great way to save time and money. No need to buy foods in restaurants or head to the grocery to buy fresh ingredients for cooking paleo meals. With Paleo meal delivery, there is no need for calorie counting. All meals are delivered pre-portioned and ingredients used are based on the number of calories a specific meal plan contains. It helps improve appetite management. Paleo meals, meanwhile, are known for various health benefits, such as weight loss, improving mental health, reduced inflammation, and improved glucose tolerance.

Paleo Meal Delivery FAQ

What can I eat on a Paleo diet? 

Some of the foods that you can eat on a Paleo diet include grass-fed meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, seeds, and healthy natural oils

What will I get with Paleo Diet Box?

This will change if you get pre cooked meals or ready to cook meals. Overall you can chose the exact meals you will have, but in some cases it is up to the chefs choice.  

Final Verdict

Paleo meal delivery is highly recommended for busy individuals that want to start a Paleolithic diet and dont want to invest in grocery shopping. Paleo meal delivery makes healthy eating easy and affordable. You don’t need to cook your meals or buy outside. Order online, wait, and enjoy your food. It is easy doing the caveman diet knowing that there is an in-house team of chefs and nutritionists to take care of your needs. All meals are nutrition-packed and pre-portioned, so you can be assured of meeting your health needs without over-eating.

Be Careful

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.

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