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Fresh Prep Review Canada

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Fresh Prep Review Canada
Fresh Prep Review Canada
Starting at $10.88

Fresh Prep meal kits are available to you if you live in or around Vancouver. You can set up weekly deliveries or skip a week or two. Fresh Prep is fairly priced compared to its competitors.

In a nutshell

In this modern world, most industries can deliver your purchases and shopping to your doorstep, including the food industry. Whether at work, at home or on the move, meal delivery companies can send their consumers fresh or frozen food and partially prepared meals. Delivery is done quickly, safely and quite efficiently. This part of the value chain is booming has become very competitive in Vancouver’s meal kit scene and one interesting small player is Fresh Prep. Read our review below to see if their 2 simple plans can fit your taste and needs.

What is Fresh Prep?

Based in Vancouver, Fresh Prep is a meal kit delivery service that typically delivers all the fresh ingredients you would need to prepare meals at home within 30 minutes. Fresh Prep was founded by Dhruv Sood, Becky Brauer and Hussein Rahemtulla in 2015. In 2019, the compnay was recognized as Vancouver’s leading meal kit delivery service.

How Does Fresh Prep Work?

Fresh prep is pretty simple and straightforward. By signing up to Fresh prep, users are able to tell us their tastes and preferences. Their website is well-designed and quite detailed. However, some of its features are not mobile device friendly. They also have an App that supports Android and IOS devices. After signing up, the user is prompted to pick their preferred recipes and delivery dates. Each week comes with new and interesting recipes and users are allowed to change their preferred recipes. The company then sources the necessary local ingredients and delicious recipes, which are then chopped, portioned and delivered to customers, whether at work or at home, in efficient and reusable cooler bags called fresh prep weekly boxes.

How Does Fresh Prep Operate in Canada?

So far in Canada, Fresh Prep operates only in two major cities, Vancouver and Victoria. Consequently their deliveries are restricted to these areas and their environs. They advise that for clients outside their delivery zones, they do deliver to workplaces in cooler boxes making it easier for people to carry home their orders. The company is however slowly expanding into other cities and widen their delivery area. They deliver between Sunday and Wednesday with time slots depending on the clients’ locations. This information is usually available on your account page after signing up.

Where does Fresh Prep Operate?

Currently,  fresh prep meal delivery only operates in Vancouver and Victoria in Canada. They have no delivery fee, as they have their own delivery mechanism, which is quite appealing. Having started just recently they haven’t had a chance to expand to the rest of Canada and cannot be accessed from other smaller cities. However founder, Hussein Rahemtulla has been quoted saying that they intend to expand but are being cautious about making losses due to too much enthusiasm for expanding their network. Main cities include:


Who is Fresh Food Good For?

Due to its proximity,  fresh prep meal service is best for people around Vancouver and Victoria. People from this regions will enjoy this service more because the recipes and ingredients are locally sourced. This service is ideal for busy people who have just enough time to cook. If you lack time to decide on meals and go shopping for food, you should consider using meal kits to skip these steps. Fresh prep is a good option for people who love cooking but lack the preparation times and time to go hunting for ingredients. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have everything you need for your meal delivered to your door? It is also ideal for people who have a hard time locating and choosing high quality ingredients. The fresh prep meal kit is also preferred by people who find it hard and time consuming to cut their own vegetable ingredients as they deliver them already pre-cut. It also makes for good dinner dates by avoiding the hassle of going out to restaurants and ordering cooked food. Before settling for Fresh Prep, one should consider if the service is available in their region, if they like their vegetables delivered pre-cut and if the recipes suit their tastes and preferences.

Who isn’t Fresh Prep Good For?

The service is not ideal for people who aren’t in Vancouver or Victoria as they still do not deliver to other cities. If you’re in quite the hurry cooking may not be the best idea. In such a case ordering takeout may be the best option as these meals take time to cook. It is also not ideal for people who don’t enjoy cooking and people with skeptical views on other people’s recipes.

Fresh Prep Meal Options

Fresh Prep have a two person plan and a family plan. Each of these plans and recipes can be delivered either 2, 3, or 4 times each week. They basically offer consumers 10 meal options every week with rotating recipes. The cost per serving ranges from $9-$11 inclusive of delivery and taxes. These recipes are posted on their website and clients get to choose what they would like to receive in their orders. It is necessary to log in weekly to see what recipes they are offering to pick your preferences among them. This is especially necessary for vegetarians and vegans as they don’t have a steady and specific meal kit for them. Their meal kit portions are quite adequate and standard given the reasonable pricing. They also have an easy to access skip week option just in case you don’t like what they have or won’t be needing your order.

Best Fresh Prep Meals

Each week with Fresh Prep serves up it’s own recipes that will make you experience new flavors on a weekly basis. One of Fresh Preps most preferred meals is the seared cod with sun dried tomato dill mayo, accompanied with basmati rice and carrot fries. It’s considered to be well portioned and quite tasty. They also offer Belizean Stewed Chicken with spiced kidney beans. This comes with Bell peppers over coconut rice. They also offer a recipe for coconut beef curry with potatoes and green peas. Their recipes are simple to follow and cook requiring very little expertise.

Fresh Prep Costs, Details, and Features

The fresh prep pricing is quite reasonable. They are set on offering an affordable option for people who would want daily dinners. They tend to be cheaper than most grocery stores and take out. Their pricing is determined by how many meals and servings the client orders per week and typically ranges from $10-$12.25 per serving. This price is inclusive of tax and delivery fees.

Pros and Cons of Fresh Prep



Fresh Prep Help & Support

Fresh Prep have a convenient and quite efficient help and support team. This team is dedicated to receiving and handling customer complaints. They also offer a platform answering frequently asked questions. They can be reached via email at or via telephone at 604-569-2699 whereby cell phone charges may apply. They have no live chats but their response rates are high.

Fresh Prep Cancellation and Refund Policy

In order to cancel your subscription with you should write an email to detailing their request to cancel their account. This should be done before their weekly cut-off time. They will receive a confirmatory email soon after approving their cancelation and refund.

Fresh Prep FAQ.

Q: Do i need to be home to accept my delivery?

A: Their cooler bags are ideal for long waits as they keep food cool for longer. They also have an option for having a trustworthy neighbour to receive your order on your behalf. They can also deliver to your place of work depending on your convenience.

Q: Should i tip the delivery guy?

A: This is not advised by Fresh Prep. Their drivers do not accept any form of tip or gratuity

Q: Are the packaging materials eco friendly?

A: The priority of Fresh prep is to keep your food safe and fresh. Consequently some of their packaging may include plastics, especially for the portioned ingredients. This packaging is however recyclable and should be rinsed and returned with the cooler box upon the next delivery. The company in conjunction with Urban plastics will do the recycling for you. 

Final Verdict

If you are tired of ordering in ready meals and takeaways this is the best service for you. Busy people who enjoy cooking find this service quite appealing as it makes their work easier by shortening their cooking time. Fresh prep Vancouver endeavors to provide it’s clients with the best in local tastes and recipes, directly to their location at quite the affordable price.

Be Careful

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.

8.3Expert Score
Very Good

Fresh Prep is a local Canadian brand, based in Vancouver. Besides haveing great meals and recipes, Fresh Prep stands out as it sources ingredients from the local Vancouver area and supporting local production.

Food Quality
Meal variety
Ease of use
The Good
  • Variety of meals
  • Free delivery
  • Can skip any week
  • Vegetable ingredients already pre-cut
The Bad
  • Serving 2 or more
  • App UX can be better
  • Can do better for meat lovers
  • Not serving all Canada yet

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