Vegan Meal Delivery

With over 10 vegan meal delivery services operating in Canada it is not easy to find the right one for you. To help you find the best vegan meal kit, we’ve reviewed the top providers for variety, cost, delivery options and other features.

The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Kits in Canada - 2024

In a nutshell

With vegan meal delivery Canada, you can enjoy healthy, affordable, and convenient meals at home. You can choose anything from ready-to-cook to ready-to-eat meals that do not contain animal by-products. The options vary by price, recipes, and delivery areas.

In this article, we review some of the best brands in Canada that offer vegan meal delivery services.

What is a vegan diet?

People observing a vegan diet usually abstain from eating animal products due to environmental, ethical, and health concerns. Vegans—like vegetarians—do not consume meat or fish. On top of that, they also avoid all ingredients sourced from animals, making it challenging to reach one’s vitamin needs. Vegan meal delivery services can make having great, healthy vegan meals easier.

What is vegan meal delivery?

Vegan meal delivery is a convenient meal delivery service that targets people who are observing a strictly vegan diet.

There are two main types of vegan meal deliveries in Canada: ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook. Ready-to-eat meals are chef-prepared and delivered cooked—all you need to do is reheat the meals when needed. In contrast, ready-to-cook meals are delivered in the form of measured fresh ingredients, including meat, vegetables, and seasonings. They also come with recipe cards—which means you will be the one cooking. 

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Best vegan meal delivery services


HelloFresh is one of the leading meal kit delivery companies in Canada. They deliver pre-portioned, seasonal, and fresh ingredients in insulated boxes, making sure that they stay fresh until they reach your kitchen. They come with easy-to-follow recipe cards.  

Use promo code MKC80 to get $80 off of your first three orders with HelloFresh, including free shipping on your first order!

While HelloFresh does not offer a strictly vegan plan, they do offer 4 vegetarian recipes each week as part of the Classic Plan. These recipes are made of a wide variety of vegetables and seasonal fruits and are customizable, which can be ideal for vegans. You can check out their classic plan and make sure it fits your diet.

Cost/Minimum order: as low as $59.95 per week for two recipes for two people. Minimum of two recipes for two servings. The price per serving is as low as $7.49.

Average weekly meals: three to four recipes per week.

Availability: delivering in 95% of Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

What we liked:

  1. You can skip a week or cancel anytime
  2. You can customize your box
  3. Environment conscious, take part in a recycling program

What we did not like:

  1. Not enough vegan options 
  2. Portions are relatively small
Read our full HelloFresh review here. 

Chefs Plate

Chefs Plate is known as one of the lowest-cost meal kits in Canada. A single serving can cost you $8.99-9.99, depending on the number of recipes you order.
With our promo code MKC2X50 you can get 50% off of your first three Chefs Plate boxes.

With Chefs Plate you can choose between three plans: Meal and Vegetarian Box, Vegetarian Box, and Family Friendly Box. The first plan can work for singles and couples who do not follow a specific diet. For those who exclude meat, the Vegetarian Box may be the best choice. The Family Friendly plan includes kids-approved meals that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less, and the kids can help!

Cost/Minimum order: as low as $45.96 per week when you order two recipes for two people per week. This includes the $6 shipping fee.

Average weekly meals: two to four recipes per week.

Availability: Available to the residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan.

What we liked: 

  1. Moderate prices
  2. Great selection of recipes
  3. Vegetarian plan

What we did not like: 

  1. No allergy information
  2. Too much packaging


With nutritionist-designed meals, ActivEats is a Toronto-based company delivering meals weekly without a subscription requirement. Breakfast meals start at $7, while lunches and dinners are approximately $10.85. They have different meal sets available, including weight loss, fit, gluten-free, balanced, and of course, vegan.

For their vegan meal delivery sets, you can choose 5 to 14 meals for the weekly plan. The cheapest option may be $89 and the most expensive is $159 for one week. ActivEats offers a pre-set menu, so they do not allow customization. On average, these meals will have 1,500 calories per day.

With ActivEats vegan meal delivery, you can save up to ten hours weekly on grocery shopping and cooking. All meals are delivered cooked, and all you need to do is reheat them and enjoy your meal.

Cost/Minimum order: $89 per week, minimum order of five meals.

Average weekly meals: 5 to 14 meals per week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Vegan bean chili
  • Tropical bean and quinoa salad
  • Chickpea and veggie pasta

Availability: delivery is available in Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Brampton, and Oakville.

What we liked:

  1. Has an affordable vegan meal plan
  2. Website offers a live chat feature
  3. Seamless ordering system 

What we did not like:

  1. Limited delivery options
  2. Portion sizes can be larger

Plant Prepped

A weekly plant-based meal kit delivery service, Plant Prepped is 100% plant-based, vegan meal delivery service, making it ideal for vegans. They also offer gluten- and soy-free options and have easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to prepare a satiating meal in under 30 minutes.

Plant Prepped offers two pans: a 2-person plan (as low as $12.16 per serving) and a 4-person plan (as low as $11.66 per serving). Both plans deliver three dinner recipes weekly. You can enjoy free shipping on all orders. The plans are also flexible since you can pause or cancel the subscription anytime at no extra cost.

Plant Prepped is committed to promoting environmental sustainability. To do this, they use mostly recyclable and reusable packaging.

Cost/Minimum order: $72.99 for three dinner recipes per week for two people.  

Average weekly meals: 3 dinners per week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Tofu caesar sandwich
  • Sun-dried tomato rigatoni
  • Chickpea and kale stew

Availability: Delivery is available in Quebec and Ontario.

What we liked:

  1. Affordable meal plans
  2. Uses recycled packaging
  3. Can cancel subscription anytime

What we did not like:

  1. Offers a maximum of three dinners per week
  2. Limited variety of the menu.

LiveFit Foods 

One of the most popular choices for vegan meal delivery in Toronto and other main cities in Canada, LiveFit has a menu of more than 100 all-natural dishes, including vegan meals. They deliver ready-to-eat meals on a weekly basis. You can skip a week or cancel anytime, and there are no long-term commitments.

Their vegan package has 15 to 24 meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are plant-based alterations to their popular menu. The base price of their vegan meal plan is $159, which includes 15 meals. Aside from a seamless website for ordering online, LiveFit also offers an intuitive mobile application. Their website also has a Live Chat feature, making it easy to get in touch with a support representative when needed.

LiveFit is unique because they also have a grocery section on their website. Here, you can shop for your vegan needs, including fruit, veggies, drinks, and cooking supplies. This may be your best vegan meal delivery option in Toronto.

Cost/Minimum order: the vegan package is $159 for a minimum order of 15 meals.  

Average weekly meals: 15 to 24 meals on the vegan plan.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Vegan mediterranean penne
  • Miso portobello steak
  • Sweet potato chili

Availability: they operate nationwide, including in Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary. Meat products are currently available only in Ontario.

What we liked:

  1. Vegans snacks
  2. Offers a diverse selection depending on meals, goals, and diet
  3.  Many vegan options 

What we did not like:

  1. You can not know in advance about the exact meals that will be delivered in the Vegan Package
  2. High minimum requirement to qualify for meal delivery—you need to buy $200 of food
  3. Cannot change the delivery address after placing an order
Read our full Livefit review here.

Movement Food

With Movement Food, you can enjoy convenient fresh, healthy meals. They have over 45 restaurant-quality meals prepared by a team of in-house chefs. They use free-range, hormone, and antibiotic-free ingredients. Movement Food is a subscription meal delivery service, but you can skip or cancel anytime. You do not need to commit to any long-term contract! You can also conveniently manage your subscriptions to add or remove some items.

If you are looking for vegan meal delivery services in Vancouver, Movement Food has got you covered. From breakfast to dinner and snacks, you can find a decent selection of vegan meals with prices starting at $10.99.

Cost/Minimum order: 5 lunch and 5 dinner meals for $131.99. 7 lunch and dinner meals $176.32.

Average Weekly Meals: 5-7 meals a week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Crunchy chickpea & quinoa salad
  • Vegan enchilada casserole
  • Bunless veggie burger

Availability: Movement Food delivers in Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas.

What we liked:

  1. Offers fitness-focused meals
  2. Has a complete selection from breakfast to dinner
  3. Affordable meals

What we did not like:

  1. Most of the dishes do not change weekly
  2. Ordering system can improve

Read our full Movement Food review here.


Fed promises healthy eating on auto-pilot. You can order once and receive chef-curated meals weekly, reducing the need to grocery shop or order take-out, and saving you time. Meals are affordable with prices starting at $10.6 per serving.

Different plans are available, and they offer a plant-based package for vegans. Meals are customizable based on your preferences. Aside from prepared vegan meals that you just have to heat and eat, their website also has a grocery store so that you can conveniently shop for your kitchen essentials. The grocery section stocks a great selection of vegan items, including meat alternatives and fresh produce.

Cost/Minimum order: $10.60, minimum of 15 meals.

Average weekly meals: 15 meals a week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Curried sweet potato & chickpeas
  • Cajun tempeh & rice stir-fry
  • Vegan pear pancakes

Availability: Fed delivers in Vancouver and other Lower Mainland Areas.

What we liked:

  1. Fed practices sustainable sourcing
  2. Does not use refined sugar
  3. Foods are free of preservatives

What we did not like:

  1. High minimum order requirement
  2. Nutrition-focused meals can be quite expensive.

Power Kitchen

This meal prep delivery service in Toronto offers more than 100 meals, 12 different protein options, and an 8-week rotating menu. Variety is one of their best assets, so you will never be bored with the available food selections.

Their menu is available in four main categories: Meal Boxes, Custom Meals, Grab and Go, and Bulk Boxes. For the Meal Boxes, different options are available, including family, keto, paleo, shredding, bulking, and vegan.

At Power Kitchen, vegan meal boxes are priced anywhere from $70.5 to $188. Their 100% plant-based menu has eight meal combinations. You can choose from a one-time purchase or a weekly subscription. If you choose the latter, you may get a 5% discount. Each vegan meal box has at least three meals in every order. Individual prices of each meal range from $6.99 to $11.75.

Cost/Minimum order: $9.49/week for Grab & Go meals. No minimum amount is required. Minimum of three meals.

Average weekly meals: 6-16 meals per week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Mongolian tofu with garlic mash and steamed green beans
  • Blueberry protein waffle with maple syrup
  • Mexican lentil stew with Jasmine rice and steamed green beans

Availability: delivery is available in 40 cities in Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Aurora, Ashburn, Ingleton, Brampton, and York.  

What we liked:

  1. 5% off on weekly subscriptions
  2. Diverse meal selections
  3. Offers options to fully customize your meals
  4. The snacks menu

What we did not like:

  1. Does not have a mobile application.

Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms promises better life through food. They offer organic and sustainable foods at affordable prices. Aside from prepared foods and meal kits, they also have an online grocery store. Plus, you can shop individually for fresh produce when you need to stock up your pantry.

You can filter through the meal kits offered on their menu to view their vegan options. You can see meals available at $19.5, which includes two portions.

Cost/Minimum order: minimum order of $125 for orders in Toronto, $150 for the Greater Toronto Area.

Average weekly meals: no weekly meal plans—order whenever you like. 

Sample meals we liked:

  • Organic peanut tofu bowl
  • Organic veggie Pad Thai
  • Organic roasted brassica caesar

Availability: delivery is available in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, including Ajax, Brampton, Hamilton, King City, and Uxbridge.

*Pick-up store is currently closed.   

What we liked:

  1. Different meal packages available, including for comfort and condolences
  2. Affordable meals
  3. Has a rotating menu

What we did not like:

  1. They do not offer weekly meal plans
  2. Has no dedicated mobile application
  3. Limited meals available for people with dietary requirements
Read our full Fresh City Farms review here. 

Meal Prep Ottawa

For those of you who live in Ottawa, this is a great option for fresh, healthy, and smart meal delivery. They offer fully-cooked and macro-balanced meals, making sure that your health needs are met. Meals are prepared by in-house professional chefs to ensure the highest quality. You don’t have to worry about diet burnout as they have a weekly rotating menu—eating healthy does not need to be boring!

Their vegan meal plans start at $65 with 5 meals per week included. If you subscribe to a weekly plan, you can save 5%. The meals will be automatically delivered as scheduled. There’s no need for a long-term commitment since you can skip or cancel anytime. You can also choose 7, 10, 15, or 20 meals.

Cost/Minimum order: minimum order of $55.

Average weekly meals: five to twenty meals per week.

  • Ginger sweet potato & black bean bowl
  • Pineapple lentil stew/roasted celery root
  • Creamy vegan Alfredo/broccoli

Availability: delivery is restricted to the Ottawa area, including Gatineau and Hull.

What we liked:

  1. Has a varied menu for several diet plans
  2. Option to build your meals
  3. Can order up to 20 meals per week

What we did not like:

  1. The website can improve 
  2. Has a minimum order requirement of $55
  3. Could have more meal descriptions.

More suggestions for the best vegan meal delivery options in Canada:

Best across Canada: HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service  


Best For Toronto: LiveFit Food Meal Delivery Service – $4.95 per meal

Best For Vancouver: Movement Food Meal Delivery Service – $13.19 per meal

Best For Ottawa: Meal Prep Ottawa Delivery Service – $13 per meal

Most Vegan Variety: LiveFit Food Meal Delivery Service – $13.19 per meal

Best Price Per Meal: Fed Delivery Service – $10.6 per meal

Best For Vegans: LiveFit Food Meal Delivery Service – $13.19  per meal

Why should you consider vegan meal delivery?

The best vegan meal delivery services offer a few benefits:

  • Convenience: you don’t need to shop for fresh produce and other ingredients for cooking
  • Money: you can save money by avoiding ordering food from restaurants
  • Time: you can save time by not driving to the grocery store and waiting in line
  • Ethical meals: you can help save the environment and promote the ethical treatment of animals easily by supporting vegan meal delivery services and not consuming meat or by-products.

Vegan meal delivery: FAQ

What are vegan meals

Vegan meals do not include meat and animal by-products. Some common foods in vegan meals may include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. You can also consume bread, pasta, and dairy alternatives as long as they do not have any ingredients deriving from animals.

How much does a vegan meal delivery cost

This depends on where you order. Vegan meals can be more difficult to prepare because of the special ingredients required, and this can impact pricing. On average, vegan meal delivery services may price vegan meals anywhere from $5 to $15 per meal.

Vegan meal delivery: our final verdict

Vegan meal delivery services are highly recommended for busy vegans. Whether you are a young urban professional or college student, if you want to enjoy healthy, vegan meals at the convenience of your home, consider the brands mentioned above. They all offer ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook vegan foods which are ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle.

Read more on healthy, vegan meal delivery services in Canada:


Be Careful

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.

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