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Are you tired of preparing meals because you work hard all week? Well, all you need is a meal kit delivery service in Saskatchewan, and you are good to go!

These days, meal kit delivery services are one of the most exciting food trends. What can be a better solution for people searching for a reward and satisfaction from cooking without having to do the work?

But the real question is, are these meal kits available in Saskatchewan too?


What does Saskatchewan have to offer? 

Situated in the prairie region of Canada, Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in the country. It is a beautiful place to be and offers numerous fun activities to keep you busy. For example, you can visit the lookout points at Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park or explore the Churchill River.

While all these activities in Saskatchewan sound interesting, it will be difficult for you to make time to do much else. It includes finding the time to make food, whether a tourist or a city resident.

You work hard, and when dinner rolls around, you do not have the energy to whip up a meal or perhaps you are not a good cook. You are the ideal customer for a meal kit company in all these cases! Congratulations!

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The best meal kits in Saskatchewan

Below are some of the best meal kit delivery services you will find in the city of Saskatchewan.

Zesty Kits

Whether single or have a large family, a vegetarian, vegan, or even a carnivore, Zesty Kits has an extensive menu that accommodates everyone. The company offers no less than four meal plans, which consist of various recipes that are changed weekly. Perhaps you would be getting Saskatchewan’s famous deep dish pizza this week and meatballs and spaghetti next.

Rest assured, all the meals served by Zesty Kits are made of fresh and locally sourced ingredients. You can also order baking kits or protein snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. Perhaps you can get the saskatoon pie that all residents love. 

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh offers numerous recipes for families, as well as individuals. If you have interacted with locals in Saskatchewan, you know that they enjoy a high standard of living. As a result, residents of the city are focused on their well-being. Therefore, the fact that HelloFresh has something in store for everyone, including plant-based eaters and health nuts, makes it a favourite. 


Noom is known for its team of behavioural health experts who have extensively researched diabetes management, prevention, and oncology. They are also well-versed in hypertension and various other weight loss struggles.


Keto Cycle has been cited as being especially helpful when it comes to helping people stay on track with their keto diets. It lets you see quick results by providing you with evolving and personalized meal plans, a user-friendly app, and satisfying recipes. You will no longer have to pay the high costs of healthcare services in Saskatchewan because you will stay healthy with KetoCycle.


The app for DoFasting and its supplements are based on valuable data and solid research to support overall health goals and weight loss. It will empower you to lead a more active and healthier life for a sustainable way of losing weight so that you can keep up with the high-paced environment of Saskatchewan.

Papa Earth 

Papa Earth prides itself on being an ethical company which boasts high-quality products. All the fish, poultry, and meats they deliver are free from preservatives and tested thoroughly. It uses only local suppliers for fresh ingredients and the best recipes. 

LiveFit Foods

LiveFit Foods serves halal and keto options and special diet plans. It delivers in Saskatchewan and is an excellent option for people looking for delicious and healthy meals. 


GoodFood is a well-known meal kit delivery service in Saskatchewan which delivers fresh, seasonal, and pre-measured ingredients to your doorstep. It also gives easy-to-follow and simple recipes to whip up meals in 30 minutes or less. The company promises well-balanced meals for you and your family.

Isabelle Huot

Isabelle Huot has numerous items on her weekly menu, which can be personalized according to your chosen meal plan. It has options designed to cater to vegetarians and people who prioritize wellness. 

A nutritionist approves the meals the business cooks to cater to all your needs. 

Meal kits delivery in Saskatchewan – Final word

Saskatchewan is a vibrant and fun city known for its rich history and heritage. It is a region where people encourage community living and come together to celebrate their festivals and food. If you want a taste of Saskatchewan’s wonderful cuisines and specialized diets in reasonable price, you can order meal kit delivery services anytime. The delicious and mouth-watering delicacies of the region await!

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Get up to 20 Free Meals
1st October 2022
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Canada’s No. 1 Meal Kit!
1st October 2022
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