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Nunavut is experiencing a diversification of its grocery options, as at least three new fresh meal kit delivery services appeared in the territory last summer. Contrary to most available options, meal kit delivery providers have their corporate offices in Nunavut rather than Down South. 

Each service has a unique business plan to offset the territory’s high grocery prices and rising demand because of the remote location. Due to Nunavut’s complicated and isolated geographics, the meal kit services are the perfect solution for tourists to enjoy traditional yet modernized meals.


Fall in love with one of the earth’s last wild places – Nunavut

Canada’s largest, newest, and most northern territory is Nunavut. Nunavut, a vast wilderness area, is more than just a place to visit; it’s a way of life. The ancient local culture is deeply rooted in the desolate, freezing landscapes with distinctive cuisine tastes surrounding it, even though Inuit only sparsely populate the area. 

Nunavut is a remote location; that is why food is expensive. In the whole north, as the region is isolated by geography, food is more expensive, which is why meal kits services are the best-preferred option. 

Here regional food is also much tastier and easily available compared to the imported foods from Southern Canada. But the meals kit services offer fresh meals, which you can customize at your fingertips.

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Experience the northern lights & midnight sun

The expansive skies of Nunavut may be what you’re looking for if you want to feel connected to something greater than yourself. The Northern Lights, one of nature’s most breathtaking wonders, can be seen in the winter in this remote region of northern Canada. Moreover, the summer solstice is marked by as much as 21 hours of continuous sunlight in the capital city and nearly a full day of sun in more northern communities.

So, what do you do with all of this light & sun? You head outdoors, camp in the open area, order food from LiveFit Food, and breathe the nature-in. Live Fit’s nutrient-dense cleanser with meals and juice (best for up to 14 days) can provide the solid nourishing boost you need during this season. Here is a detailed review of LiveFit Food.

Arctic Char is fresh and flavourful

Arctic char is gaining popularity in Canadian fish markets and restaurants due to its delicate flavour, eye-catching colour, sustainability, and health advantages. However, Arctic char has been a dietary mainstay in Nunavut for a long time.

Small-scale fish farms and processing facilities for Arctic char are located in Nunavut. Frozen or fresh Arctic char is frequently consumed raw in Nunavut. Northern chefs often use age-old Inuit cooking methods, including smoking and drying, to keep the fish fresh.

And if you want to experiment with contemporary culinary methods and traditional food staples such as narwhal maqtaaq, caribou, seal meat, kitikmeot and Kivalliq, try HelloFresh. Arctic char from HelloFresh is perfect for grilling, roasting, and pan-frying due to its hard, fatty flesh. Read the detailed HelloFresh review here

Fossil Creek trail

This fascinating “trail” spans roughly 1.5 kilometres on Southampton Island, about 8 kilometres from Coral Harbour. The majority of Nunavut’s high-quality marine fossils can be discovered here. The traces of life from 450 million years ago have been found here. Along the journey, educational signs outline the scientific hypotheses on the fantastic geology that helped to create the fossil deposits. 

On this tiring journey, you need energy bars to keep you refreshed and soothing. Hence, while you go for a hike, you can enjoy a Good Food lunch package since Good Food is relatively affordable in this region. GoodFood’s extensive menu of meals, which includes numerous low-carb options, is one of its key advantages. Let’s have a quick intake of GoodFood’s prominent offerings here

National Parks hold hidden gems

Some of the most breathtaking peaks and glaciers on the globe may be found in Nunavut. The national parks in Nunavut are some of the best locations to experience the uninhabited environment. Choose amongst the five unspoiled national parks of Auyuittuq, Sirmilik, Quttinirpaaq, Qausuittuq, and Ukkusiksalik as your next backpacking destination. Each of them is isolated yet endowed with its charm.

You should try Papa Earth if you want to taste the flavoured mountainous recipes. Hikers and backpackers might find it useful to take a lunch bag of meals including Bannock, akutaq, a mixture of berries and fat; suaasat, a hearty soup combining sea and land mammals with sea birds; and igunaq, steak of meat and drinks like labrador tea.

In terms of meat delivery services, Papa Earth is rated as the second-best in Canada. You may order these lovely food kit meals while exploring these hidden gems, as your hunger on such trips can only be fulfilled by foods created from local ingredients. How did Papa Earth become so well-liked? Explore here.

Country cuisine

Inuit customs and culture are deeply ingrained in the territory’s culture. For many years, the Inuit subsisted on hunting, fishing, and gathering seasonal plants from the land and the nearby waterways. Any food obtained from the land, such as caribou, salmon, musk ox, seal, whale, seafood (including clams and mussels), Arctic hare, and ptarmigan, is referred to as “country food” in Nunavut. Additionally, there are some edible berries, grasses, and leaves.

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and canned or processed foods are now available and easily accessible. But not everyone conventionally enjoys country food. Modern dishes have been developed that combine traditional fare with southern Canadian spices, flavourings, and cooking methods. Fish and chips, caribou burgers, and kabobs are all delectable choices. In this remote region, Noom can be your best diet partner; it is a smartphone subscription service that specializes in weight loss via psychological methods. Explore Noom’s full features here.

Meal kit delivery in Nunavut – Final words

For those willing to experience its modest way of life for a while, Nunavut provides a fantastic tour filled with culture and beautiful Arctic vistas. The meal kit services of Nunavut are mainly centred on subsistence farming and items from fishing and hunting. Let your imagination run wild with these mouth-watering places covered by portable and inexpensive meal kit delivery services!

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