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Are you unable to make regular visits to the grocery store? Or are you hoping to make mealtime a whole lot convenient for yourself? In either case, meal kits are here to save the day!

Over the last couple of years, new businesses have popped up all over Canada. They offer pre-made and fresh dishes, as well as pre-portioned ingredients. They are both delicious and time-saving. 

Where usage of these services is concerned, Ontario ranks number four at 8.4% of the national average. In 2020 alone, over one in four households had tried a meal kit. It is because meal kits offer convenience, simplicity, and the excitement of tasting new foods. Furthermore, you can delve deep into the different kinds of cooking techniques out there. 

Businesses providing meal kits ensure that you no longer have to spend hour after hour on grocery shopping. But the best thing about these services is that their food is healthier than most takeout meals. 

What Does Ontario Have To Offer?

In this day and age, it is difficult for you to meet an individual who has not heard of Niagara Falls. Most people do not even know that it is the pride of Ontario. If you want to be personally wowed by the beauty of this monument, then this city is the place to be. 

Ontario is nothing less than a sanctuary for people who love being close to nature. It is a beautiful place to take a break, especially when the hubbub of daily life becomes a little overwhelming. You could always make the trip to this city and enjoy a little tranquillity.

But even if you take some time off, you must be well-fed. If you do not want to spend your break in the kitchen, prepping meals for yourself, then you need a meal kit delivery service like Chefs Plate.

How Do Meal Kit Services Work?

There are numerous meal kit delivery services for you to choose from and a large chunk of them operate similarly. The first thing you need to do is make registrations and place an order for a meal box. Every week, your food will be delivered right to your doorstep.

While most services allow you to order around 2 to 4 meals in a box, serving approximately four people; however, some businesses cater to bigger families by offering family-size boxes. 

These kits are prepared and then shipped on ice in special boxes, which have been designed to ensure that your food remains cool for a couple of hours at least. If unavailable, the meal kit will be placed on your doorstep. You can also choose to have it delivered to a neighbour’s house. 

When you finally open the box, you will find the ingredients required for your meals and recipe cards that will guide you through the food preparation process. Most of these recipes have been designed so that they do not take you more than 30 minutes to prepare.

Rest assured, using a meal kit delivery service is a risk-free proposition. But what are the best meal kits that you can get in Ontario?

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The Best Meal Kits for Ontario


Noom is a mobile app you can install on your smartphone or tablet. The software makes a personalized strategy for you and offers a simple and easy way to achieve your goals using personal data it gathers from a personality quiz. 

Additionally, the app encourages you to track your food consumption, exercise, and weigh-ins. It sends messages to your other group members and health coach for additional encouragement. 

Noom employs a psychology-based curriculum that promotes self-efficacy and gives you the knowledge and skills required to achieve the behavioural adjustments that are the foundation of effective long-term weight loss maintenance since it is aware that behavioural change is challenging.


Keto Cycle is an app that brings ease and convenience to ketogenic diets. There are no two identical programmes with Keto Cycle. To help you get results faster, they adapt your plan depending on your lifestyle, health, age, personal preferences, and dietary requirements. 

Professional nutritionists and behavioural scientists created the app to aid in weight loss while keeping you as safe as possible. Meal planning is made easier for you by Keto Cycle. Get recipes with ingredients you love that are simple to prepare for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. 

Not to add, the app helps you with workouts and connects you with the community while allowing you to keep track of your overall progress. In short, it covers multiple aspects required by people on the keto diet, making it an ideal application for keto enthusiasts.


HelloFresh delivers to no less than 95% of Canada’s population, including Ontario. It offers several options to you so that you can choose from a handful of diets. These entail carb-smart, calorie-smart, beyond meat, family-friendly, and premium options designed for special occasions. 

It also allows you to swap out some ingredients in favour of vegan alternatives. The recipes are easy to cook and will not take too much time to prepare. Most meals will take 35 minutes, from preparation to heaping plate. 

Moreover, the business offers meals that have been prepared beforehand, in case you are too busy to too tired to go through the process yourself. 


The trendy intermittent fasting technique that is all the rage may be approached intriguingly using DoFasting. Customers may take a 60-second survey to help them create an intermittent fasting regimen that best fits their schedule. It gives clients the tools they need to keep on track and enables them to monitor their progress. This app is unmatched in the market, with seven intermittent fasting periods and a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Papa Earth

Papa Earth is a meat delivery business that delivers high-quality meat from nearby farms to your house. All Papa Earth’s suppliers are based in Ontario, and they were all hand-picked for their adherence to free-range or other humane agricultural techniques. 

While shipping is free for residents of Ontario and Quebec, it might be expensive elsewhere. Papa Earths’ service makes delivery of quality meat to your doorstep incredibly convenient with their subscription and non-subscription alternatives so that you can have delicious meat at any given time.

Cook It

Cook It is known for its flexibility, and the two plans it offers accommodate a large customer base. Its vegetarian and regular menu both offer 14 meals that are just waiting for you to cook them. You can choose from two to seven meals weekly, with around two to four servings per meal. Cook It is an ideal meal kit delivery service for people who are short on time when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping.

We Cook

We Cook delivers meal kits that have been freshly prepared to your doorstep. It allows you to spend your time resting or doing whatever it is that you love. An in-house chef perfects all the healthy meals you need, using fresh ingredients provided by local suppliers. We Cook meals is suitable for singles, families, and novice cooks who want to build a healthy lifestyle without spending hours in the kitchen.

Isabelle Huot

Given that many meals are geared toward weight reduction, this is an excellent service for anybody trying to lose some weight. Nothing less than extraordinary can be said about Isabelle Huot’s recipes. 

The service offers cooked meals that are ready to eat as well as frozen meals. The meals have a longer shelf life than most other prepared dinners on the market since they contain a lot of veggies and may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 77 days. This service collaborates with nutritionists and dieticians to guarantee that meals are nutritious and packed with essential nutrients.

Good Food

Regarding meal kit delivery services in Canada, GoodFood is one of the most well-known brands. The service works well for single meals and large groups of people cooking. GoodFood will provide the supplies and instructions to make the dishes you choose if you want to cook more and learn new recipes. You will be more engaged in the process and receive a freshly cooked, delectable, and nourishing meal kit.

LiveFit Foods

Contrary to many other providers, LiveFit does not provide meal plans but allows you to add or remove as many meals, entrees, snacks, or desserts as you desire, with various pricing for each option. LiveFit, which claims to be Canada’s top meal delivery service, is aware of the need to offer meals specially prepared to satisfy particular dietary requirements, such as keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and weight-loss meals. 

Not just this, but the services support specific diets such as juice and soup cleanses to fat-burning and muscle-gain meals. Therefore, it is the ideal meal delivery company for diet-conscious folks and makes for one of the most flexible services on the market.

Revive superfoods

A balanced, nutritious lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain, thanks to Revive Superfoods. The service offers nutritious, delectable meals and is free of preservatives in the most convenient form: frozen, prepared for blending, and delivered straight to your house. Additionally, the service carries a limited variety of single-serving cups of soups, plant-based meals, and frozen oats upon delivery. Revive Superfoods provides a good value with fair rates and free shipping.


Yumba is a food delivery service that is very inexpensive and reasonably priced. Although it does not currently provide meal kits, it has excellent selections for cooked meals. Yumba’s repeated inclusion in magazine pieces, such as those in Foodie Tribe and Toronto Life, says volumes about its excellent reputation. This service is distinctive because it collaborates with the city’s top chefs to offer customers some of the best-tasting, iconic dishes. There are four meal-plan choices, with serving sizes ranging from 4 to 12.

Power Kitchen

While most meal delivery services strive to provide a wide variety of meals at competitive prices, Power Kitchen emphasizes growing its clientele more than anything else. As a result, it offers a variety of meal plans, including those designed to meet different fitness goals like bulking, shredding, and more. 

Their meal plans are also versatile, enabling you to select the weekly meals and the types of protein you want. Recipes are updated weekly and rotate on an 8-week basis on the company’s menu. It keeps you from developing a taste for anything in particular and gives you a wide range of foods to consume while still sticking to your diet and exercise objectives.

MealFix Canada

You may avoid the time and stress of grocery shopping and cooking by ordering economical, satisfying ready-to-eat meals from MealFix and delivering them right to your home. The service is dedicated to sustainability which is why its meals are delivered in biodegradable containers. 

The service does not require a weekly subscription, making it a good option for those who want to try the meals but are not looking to commit to regular meal deliveries. The meal plans they offer are easily customizable, making them suitable for not only individuals but also sizable parties.

Clean Plates

People who are health-conscious, keen on exercise, or just too busy to cook are the target clientele for Clean Plates. Locally obtained ingredients are used to produce delectable and healthy meals. Each meal has nutritious foods since chefs and nutritionists created their menus. 

Clean Plates offers portion-controlled meals to help you keep a close eye on how many calories you are likely taking. It makes it a convenient service since they offer prepared meals, eliminating the hassle of cooking, and take on the task of monitoring calorie intake. 

Athletes Kitchen

Athlete’s Kitchen is a food delivery business that offers customers convenient and healthy meals. They aim to show you how to eat deliciously while still getting the results you seek. Since they are confident that their approach can change people’s lives, they have developed a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

While employing healthier cooking techniques, they include flavours from many cuisines worldwide. They make fresh dishes from scratch every week to preserve quality and freshness. Thanks to the weekly rotating cycles that Athlete’s Kitchen offers, you won’t get tired of the variety of meals offered for each delivery. 

Easy Mealz

As the name suggests, if you want hassle-free, regular, and punctual delivery at affordable prices, then Easy Mealz is ideal for you. They provide different healthy and tempting dishes options for their customers to choose from, along with various unique services like delivering fresh baskets of the best fruit produce to your doorstep. With Easy Mealz, you can stock your fridge with the best of healthy food and fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to go through the hassle. 

eFresh Meals

If you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise on the richness of your food palette while maintaining its healthiness of it, eFresh meals is the perfect choice for you. They offer various exquisite cuisine options that you can receive by weekly deliveries at your place. The food is prepared by experts, made from the freshest produce, is delicious, and the presentation of the food is to die for. 

Plant prepped

Regarding vegan or plant-based foods, there are usually not many meal options available among several meal kit services. This is where plant prepped comes in. It is the best and most convenient option for vegans in Canada and super affordable. You just have to subscribe to a suitable plan, place your order, and get all the pre-measured ingredients and a simple step-by-step recipe to follow. All you have to do is mix them as advised and devour a healthy, nutritious, and fresh plant-based meal. 


Longos is a popular supermarket chain in Ontario, known for its quality products and reasonable prices. Recently, Longos is also gaining popularity in the meal kits delivery services market by the introduction of its pre-made meal kits. These kits can be ordered anywhere, anytime and are not bound to any subscription plans. Whichever dish you choose, you are provided with the best pre-measured ingredients and an easy to follow recipe in the comfort of your home.  This reduces the hassle of searching for new dishes and going grocery shopping, as everything is delivered immediately.

FreshCity farms

What better way to get fresh and organic produce and groceries than to deliver them directly to your house from a farm. FreshCity farm brings you the best and freshest ingredients directly from their source so that you can enjoy locally produced, fresh and organic food from the comfort of your home. They deliver 7-days a week in Toronto and also offer multiple weekly deliveries in GTA so that you never run out of fresh produce.

La Boite du Chef

La Boite du Chef has a lot to offer on the table. They provide Michelin stars restaurant-quality meals in the form of inexpensive and delicious gourmet meals. They offer various packages that you can order for yourself or your family. They even offer a Family meal box you can enjoy with a group of people. The best thing about La Boite du Chef? They do not require a subscription so you can order any day, anytime, anywhere. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that meal delivery kit services streamline the process of meal planning and preparation. These services are an excellent way to nudge yourself out of a rut and explore different combinations, cuisines, and flavours.

Meal Kits Delivery Canada
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