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Keto is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet. This particular diet plan not only helps in losing weight but has also proven to be beneficial for health issues such as maintaining sugar levels and improving heart health. All these beneficial effects are achieved by simply cutting down your regular intake of carbohydrates. As you consume fewer carbs, your body turns towards protein and fats for energy, giving you all those perfect curves you so desperately desire.

Starting the Keto diet seems like a doable task. But things get unpleasant when you have to plan those carb-controlled fat-rich meals three times a day. Grocery shopping is another worry as you need fresh ingredients for a healthy dinner. To save Canadians all that hassle, meal kit delivery services in the country are introducing Keto plans in their subscription boxes.

Benefits You Enjoy With A Keto Meal Delivery Service

Seeing the rising trend of Keto meal plans in Canada, meal kit delivery services now have more Keto recipes for their customers. Besides this apparent benefit, there is more than one benefit of reaching out to the best meal kit delivery service. 

Benefits You Enjoy With A Keto Meal Delivery Service

Seeing the rising trend of Keto meal plans in Canada, meal kit delivery services now have more Keto recipes for their customers. Besides this apparent benefit, there is more than one benefit of reaching out to the best meal kit delivery service. 

  • You get high-quality fresh ingredients straight to your door.
  • Unlimited supply of delicious chef-style recipes making the Keto diet flavorful.
  • Meal kits come with pre-portioned and well-balanced ingredients. This way, you get straight to cooking without the need to handle prep work. 
  • The meal kit service ensures all the ingredients are according to the serving order. This means no leftovers and food waste.
  • Some meal kit services are reasonably priced, making them a convenient option for enjoying a healthy, nutritious dinner.

With so much to offer, the next step is to explore your top Keto meal delivery services in Canada. 

Best Keto Delivery Service In Canada 

Several meal kit delivery services in Canada give you ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat Keto meal options. So, to save your time and continue with your Keto diet plan, we have sorted out some top Keto meal delivery services in the country.

  1. GoodFood

GoodFood is a leading meal delivery service in Canada. The meal delivery service has meals for gourmets of all nature. The Classic and Vegetarian meal plans hold the widest meal choice. But if you prefer Keto meals, occasionally try the Clean 15 meal plan. This meal plan brings ready-to-cook low-carb meals perfect for a balanced diet.

The recipes come with pre-portioned ingredients with an easy-to-follow recipe card. Every meal under the Clean 15 meal plan is equally delicious and mouthwatering. These healthy meals can be prepared in just 15-20 minutes. You can order meals for 2 or 4 people, and you enjoy free delivery all over Canada.

Price: $11.38 per serving.

Bonus Point: You can have breakfast menus and smoothies as well, in case you want to skip a meal in your Keto diet

2. Droppit

Droppit is the best option if you are on a strict Keto diet. The meal kit delivery company uses a research-based diet meal plan that helps you lose weight by consuming low calories. The ready-to-eat recipes you receive each week are a true blend of taste and flavor. So, you lose weight without slaying your love for food.

The meal kit service is an online subscription meal kit service. After you sign in, you have to give in your biometrics, including age, weight, height, and gender). Based on how much weight you intend to lose, the app prepares calorie-controlled meals. Each week your meals are adjusted by analyzing your biometrics. In simple words, Droppit becomes your Ketogenic coach that delivers meals straight to your door.

Price: $11.90 per serving.

Average Weekly Meals: 10, 14, or 21 meals.

Bonus Point: The app also has an app to track your weight loss progress.

3. LiveFit

LiveFit is a complete Keto meal delivery service in Canada. All the meals are chef-cooked and only require five minutes within the microwave before reaching the dinner table.

The variety of meal options are what makes LiveFit unique and special. Besides the Keto meals, it has healthy, delicious meals for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan meals. Besides the healthy lunch and dinner recipes, you can satisfy your midnight cravings with those perfect Keto Pecan Puffs. Breakfast and some beverages are also available if you need an energetic morning start. They deliver everywhere in Canada for $7.95. However, if your order costs more than $200, delivery is relatively free.

Price: the minimum cost of a meal is $99. The cost of 12 meals per week would be $159.

Average Weekly Meals: They have quite a wealthy collection of recipes. 12-24 meals per week prepared by top chefs

Bonus Point: LiveFit is the perfect grocery solution. You can buy fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items, and they will be delivered to your home right away. Besides, packed meals can be kept in the freezer for 90 days.

4. Power Kitchen

Convenient, flexible, and affordable meal plans are what you receive when you order Keto meals with Power Kitchen. They have well-balanced ready-to-eat meals prepared by the in-house chefs. The meals contain healthy fresh ingredients and deliver a restaurant-like taste. 

Customers can also customize their meal plans. Add extra protein or double up your veggies, the choice is yours. There is a display card along with each recipe that displays the nutritional information of all the ingredients involved in the recipe. So, counting calories is not that difficult. The heat-sealed packaging is another striking factor. This ensures you enjoy fresh Keto meals every day. Power Kitchen delivers meals to almost 40 cities in The Great Toronto area.

Price: $8.45 per meal  

Average Weekly Meals: They gave you 10 meals under their Keto plan and you can choose about 2-4 recipes a week.

Bonus Point: You can also make a one-time purchase in case you want to try out the meal kit before subscribing to it.

5. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is also an incredible choice for Keto meals in case you enjoy cooking. It brings locally produced fresh ingredients helping you prepare appealing dishes right at home. Although there is no separate Keto plan, the brand allows you to adjust recipes and swap ingredients.

For instance, if a meal has roasted potatoes, switch it with low-carb vegetables such as cauliflower or turnip. However, if you have burgers or tacos that contain high carb buns customize it with lettuce. You can also increase the fat content of your meals to make them perfect for a Keto diet. Add in nuts, seeds, or avocado. The ingredients come fully prepared and you just need 15-30 minutes to cook a delicious meal out of them. They use sustainable packaging and deliver meals all across Canada.

Price: the price range from $8.00-$12. The price for 2 servings 2 times a week has the highest cost, $47.96 ($11.99) per serving. However, if you order more meals per week, the price will decrease. 

Average Weekly Meals: there are over 25 recipes every week.

Bonus Point: There are easy recipes for gourmet and even an option for kids. Add a kid-friendly meal along with your Keto meal.

Which Keto Meal Kit Delivery Service Should You Choose?

Keto meal plans are incredibly famous in Canada. With so many options in the meal kit industry, it all comes down to which type of meals you like. If you are super busy and cooking meals is not your cup of tea, Droppit is an exclusive option. However, if you possess some culinary skills and want to add a personal touch to your meals try Hello Fresh or Good Food. 

The next thing to consider is your budget. The meal-kit company that comes under your budget is and has suitable meals then go for it. Keto meal delivery companies give you the right sort of motivation by letting you enjoy delicious meals even with all those dietary restrict

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