Meal kits delivery Prince Edwards Island

Meal kit delivery services in Prince Edwards Island are here to cater to your lifestyle and provide you ease with all your cooking troubles! 

Reside at Edwards Island and are searching for healthy meals to satisfy your lifestyle requirements? You will be surprised to know the different meal kit delivery options available here!


Take a trip to the Prince Edwards Islands

Prince Edwards Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in Canada, with a vast coastline, endless beaches, historic sites, artisan museums, amusement parks, and many exciting festivals; it’s a small province but has a lot to offer visitors. 

 Other cities like Summerside are a place with immense history and cultural hosting. It indeed is an excellent place for those that love history and culture. Well, no matter where you go, you ought to be tired and would be too exhausted to look for dinner options by the end of the day. Thus you should check out these meal kit options available at Prince Edwards Island to be sorted for your dinner and lunch plans.

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Best meal kit plans available:

MM food market 

MM food market is Canada’s largest frozen food retailer and offers ready-to-eat meals that you must warm up before eating. It is a trusted brand for everyday lunches, dinners, special occasions, and snacking. They have physical stores and offer delivery services nationwide; thus, they are a very convenient option. They are well aware of the types of cuisines enjoyed by the people of Prince Edwards Island and make sure to satisfy their taste buds. 

Fuel Your Body (FYB)

Fuel your body offers premium yet gluten-free meals locally sourced and a convenient food source in Prince Edward Island. Their healthy options will help you keep on track with your healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals while providing you with food filled with nutrition and fulfilling your dietary requirements. They have a vast selection of menus that can be chosen from and have different menus each week.

LiveFit Food

LiveFit Food is best known for providing keto-friendly and targeting weight loss goals; however, their meals can be devoured by anyone. With many talented chefs on board, they have delicious food that is nutritious and has real and natural ingredients. They have something for everyone and deliver all over Prince Edwards Island. 

Read the detailed review of LiveFit Food here. 

Papa Earth

Even though seafood is the specialty at Prince Edwards Island, one can get bored of it; therefore, you can order your lunch from Papa Earth and devour many different types of meat, including chicken, beef, and pork and make your meals memorable while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the island. Their meat is also preservative-free so that you can eat it without guilt.

 Read the detailed review of Papa Earth here.


HelloFresh is best for the customization of meals and offers various recipes for individuals and families of Prince Edward Island; they also cater to those that prefer vegetarian meals and are not keen on trying the seafood offered on the island and enjoy being while being guilt-free. They have something for every taste bud, making it a very appealing choice. 

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GoodFood provides fresh, seasonal and ready-to-cook meals for lunch and dinner. These can be prepared easily with easy-to-follow recipes within a few minutes and save you hours while providing well-balanced meals for your family and delivering all over Prince Edwards Island.

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Keto Cycle

With the recent trends and results of a keto diet, the Keto Cycle helps you to see quick results for your goals by providing you with personalized meal plans, a user-friendly app, and easy-to-follow recipes while also staying within budget so you can spend on doing other activities around Prince Edward Island. 

Read the full review of the Keto Cycle here.


Noom is famous for its exceptional customized food maintained by its team of behavioural health experts well versed in diabetes prevention and oncology, hypertension and weight loss plans. They offer food plans according to lifestyle requirements and specific requirements. 

Read the detailed review of Noom here. 

Meal kit delivery in Prince Edward Island – Final words:

The beautiful province of Prince Edwards Island is a place that is known for its vast coastline with gorgeous beaches, outdoor activities and with many adventurous sites and breathtaking views; it is also known to be highly hospitable and culturally rich. 

You can enjoy the fresh seafood by the coast or order meal kits from the places mentioned in the article. As you embark on an adventurous trip on this island, don’t forget to devour the region’s delicacies!

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Get up to 20 Free Meals
29th November 2022
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Get up to 20 Free Meals
29th November 2022
This offer ends by:
Canada’s No. 1 Meal Kit!
29th November 2022
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Canada’s No. 1 Meal Kit!
29th November 2022
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