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Vancouver is blessed with many meal kits delivery providers, and each one claims it’s the best. To help you find the right service, we’ve reviewed the best meal kits in Vancouver for variety, cost, dietary menus, delivery option and other features.

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In a nutshell

Restaurants and grocery stores are everywhere in Vancouver. However, not all of us have the luxury of time to shop for food, whether you are too busy with work, school, or other matters, meal delivery Vancouver saves the day. With a meal delivery service, you can easily order online, and fresh foods with the portioned ingredients combined with detailed recipes on how to cook your meals, will be delivered to your home

There are over 12 meal delivery options in Vancouver, different brands that offer consumers wide variety of fresh or frozen food and partially prepared meals with dedicated recipes that are delivered quickly, safely and efficiently. The services vary from one another mainly by the types of meals and recipes they offer. Obviously the big players are active in the market but you can also find smaller meal delivery companies that operate mainly in Vancouver and  very specific audiences such as the health conscious consumers that are looking for a special dietary needs like gluten free or vegans etc.

Each meal kit delivery service is slightly different from its competitors in the recipes they offer, dietary options, delivery times, pricing etc. In this article we try to make it easy for you to choose between the options so we reviewed the best meal delivery services in Vancouver on a number of parameters.

What is Meal Delivery?

Vancouver meal delivery is growing in popularity amongst busy young urban professionals, students, and families. It is a convenient and affordable service wherein you will order your meals online. The meals will be delivered in your chosen address fresh and ready to eat or in the form of fresh and pre-portioned ingredients that you can cook by yourself. This is also a great option for health-conscious individuals since many meal delivery services specialize in foods for people who have special dietary needs.

What kind of meal delivery can you get in Vancouver?

To make it simple, the meal delivery scene in Vancouver which is pretty crowded and  diverse while most of the big players are available in the market and offer various meal types with changing recipes.

Meals available for delivery in Vancouver are generally grouped into two – ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook. Regardless, you will have choices depending on your dietary needs, including the following:

  • Vegan Meals: For people who do not eat animals and their by-products, including egg, cheese, and milk.
  • Vegetarian Meals: For people who do not eat animals but eat their by-products. This diet consists of a lot of vegetables.
  • Keto Meals: A low-carb and high-fat diet. You can eat good things, including bacon while minimizing your carb intake.
  • Paleo: This is based on a caveman diet including grains and legumes. It is focused on the consumption of food believed to have been eaten during the Paleolithic era.

From the usual meal delivery services, all the way to pre made meal kits, people in the Vancouver area can enjoy a wide variety of options so before you decide what meal delivery service in Vancouver you want to subscribe for you should read the below reviews of the different meal plans to see what is best for your needs. If you need further help you can read the full review of each brand


Best Meal Kits in Vancouver

1. HelloFresh 

One of the largest players in the meal delivery industry with global operations  in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom and Australia. Founded in 2011 in Germany, HelloFresh started to deliver meal kits to paying customers internationally in 2012. This service was designed to deliver clean healthy ingredients and simple tasty recipes to consumers to make preparing homemade meals easy and bypassing the stresses of planning and shopping for foodstuffs. Hellofresh have popularized four meal kits that have been diversified while still fixating on a balanced and healthy diet. HelloFresh offers three main plans – Pronto, Family, and Veggie. Most of the recipes are ready within 15 minutes. They allow add-ons on your orders, such as garlic bread.

Cost/Minimum Order: $9.69 per meal, $59.95 per week, two recipes

Average Weekly Meals: They offer 2 to 4 recipes a week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken
  • Spicy Lentil, Tomato, and Spinach Stew
  • Pastrami Spiced Beef Hash

Availability: Delivery in Vancouver and other areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, the Maritimes.

What we liked:

  1. Wide delivery coverage
  2. Their app is very easy to use 
  3. Delivers extras, such as garlic bread

What we did not like:

  1. Not the cheapest option
  2. Portions can be bigger

2. GoodFood 

GoodFood, traded in the Canadian stock exchange,  is a weekly-subscription delivery service providing farm-fresh ingredients with beginner-friendly recipes. You can choose from three categories – Easy Prep Basket, Classic Basket, and Family Basket. There are two to four recipes per week, which will be good for two to four servings.

Their meals feature ethnic influences from Italy, Korea, India, Spain, Thailand and Greece and they promise their ingredients are 7 days fresher than what is at local grocery stores. 

Cost/Minimum Order: $9.42 per serving, minimum of two recipes.

Average Weekly Meals: They offer 2 to 4 recipes a week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Seared Pork Sausage Skillet
  • Greek-Style Chicken Breasts Over Herbed Orzo

Availability: Aside from Vancouver, delivery is available in other cities in British Columbia, Alberta, The Maritimes, Manitoba. Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan 

What we liked:

  1. GoodFood prices are considerably fair
  2. The rotating menu of varied price
  3. Giving back to the community and help children in need
  4. Offer decent amount of low carb options.

What we did not like:

  1. Online ordering can be better
  2. Not best for big families
Read full GoodFood review

3. Miss Fresh 

MissFresh offers online meal delivery with an in stores pick-up option for those who don’t want to wait for delivery which also gives users a $5 coupon. They offer a wide variety of ready-to-cook meals with few good options for people that are gluten free or vegetarians. In addition to that you can find few breakfast meals like organic oats or granola and supplement your order with snacks, beverages and deserts which will cover your need for sweets after dinner.

Cost/Minimum Order: $7.99, minimum order of $55

Average Weekly Meals: Customers are allowed a selection of 2 to 5 recipes.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Fish Tostadas
  • Spanish Chicken
  • Italian Mac and Cheese

Availability: Delivers in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Montreal, among other cities

What we liked:

  1. Offer an option for 5 meals each week
  2. Can change the number of portions and recipes anytime
  3. New recipe every week

What we did not like:

  1. No meals for one person
  2. Options are limited for people with special dietary needs
Read full MissFresh review 

4. Fresh Prep 

Founded in 2014, Fresh Prep is a Vancouver local company that provides great options for high quality food and ingredients, they use free range eggs and meat without hormons. Fresh Prep takes its pride in supporting local growers and tries to priorities natural produce from local farmers and businesses. If you leave in Vancouver and care for healthy food and ingredients Fresh Prep is great option for your meal delivery service. For as low as $10 per plate, you can enjoy chef-quality meals, most of which will be ready in 15 to 30 minutes. They offer two main plans – 2-person and Family Meals and the best part is their free delivery!

Cost/Minimum Order: :  $10, minimum order of two recipes

Average Weekly Meals: Two to four recipes

Sample meals we liked:

  • Flat Iron Steak & Black Pepper Cream Sauce
  • Kung Pao Chicken Stir-Fry
  • Coriander Spiced Seared Cod

Availability: Available in Greater Vancouver and Victoria

What we liked:

  1. Free weekly delivery
  2. Cancel anytime
  3. Ingredients are delivered in insulated coolers

What we did not like:

  1. Limited menu – only 10 meals
  2. No options for special dietary requirements

5. Chefs Plate 

Recently bought by HelloFresh but still operates as its own brand. Chefs Plate offers 4 different meal kit delivery plans; the 15-minute kit,  the classic kit, family kit and the vegetarian kit. We liked the option to chose your own delivery time, Customers are allowed to choose their meal plan and arrival time. This is a decent option for meal kits for vegetarians as they offer about 4 weekly vegetarian recipes. Since they have a fulfillment center in Vancouver you are guaranteed prompt delivery, which by the way you can skip or cancel any time.

Cost/Minimum Order: $71.92 per week for 8 servings

Average Weekly Meals: Customers are allowed a selection of 2 to 4 recipes.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Halloumi Poutine
  • Blackened Fish
  • Steak & Shrimp with Garlic Butter

Availability: Chefs Plate deliver in Vancouver, as well as other parts of British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Prince Edward, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

What we liked:

  1. Comes with a user-friendly app
  2. Offers easy to prepare meals
  3. Uses high-quality ingredients

What we did not like:

  1. Would be better to have more veggies
  2. Small serving sizes

6. 2 Guys with Knives

Nutrition on the go – that is what you can expect from 2 Guys with Knives. They are known for their gluten-free but sinfully delicious meals. You have the option to customize your meals depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for lean protein or tasty veggies, they have you covered.

Cost/Minimum Order: $13.99, minimum order of three meals

Average Weekly Meals: Three to seven meals per week

Sample meals we liked:

  • Zucchini Pasta
  • Creamy Turmeric Cauliflower Soup
  • Vegan Protein Penne

Availability: 2 Guys with Knives Deliver in the whole Vancouver area

What we liked:

  1. Sign-up and get a $5 discount
  2. Great for people on a diet
  3. Offers a high degree of customization

What we did not like:

  1. High price per plate
  2. Menu lacks variety

7. Eat Your Cake

Eat Your Cake is Vancouver based Cookit meals that was created by are created by Joana Wolsky together with her husband Josh. Joana is a nutrisionist so if you are looking for nutrition-focused pre-cooked meals, Eat Your Cake is an excellent choice. They have chef-created personalized meals that aim to please even the pickiest eaters. They have family meals starting at $8 per serving. Three main plans are available – Weight Loss, Athletic, and Family.

Cost/Minimum Order: $8, minimum order of one week worth of meals .

Average Weekly Meals: Four to six meals recipes a week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Peruvian Grain Bowl
  • East Coast Fish Cakes
  • Salisbury Steak and Mushroom Gravy

Availability:Delivers in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Van, New West, Langley, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, and surrounding areas

What we liked:

  1. Lots of options for customization
  2. Nutrition-focused meals
  3. Offers nutritional consultation

What we did not like:

  1. Website is difficult to use
  2. A wider variety of plans would be great.

8. Fed

Fed refers to themselves as a nutrition start up that wants to help people eat healthy and as easy as possible and this is another solid option for healthy meal prep delivery Vancouver. Fed which is based in Vancouver has is focused on healthy nutrition-focused pre-cooked meals. Their meals are curated by dietitians and try to focus on meals that are free of preservatives making it a great organic option for customers. Fed takes its business around nutrition very seriously, they use whole grain which help to increase energy levels and they use recipes that include Vitamins A, E and Zinc to increase immunity. Fed is available for as low as $10.60 per meals. They have a Full Nutrition, Low Carb, Keto, and Plant-based Menu to suit your needs.

Cost/Minimum Order: $10.60, minimum of 15 meals.

Average Weekly Meals: 15 meals. a week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Cinnamon Apple French Toast
  • Chicken Sweet Potato Salad
  • Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs

Availability: Fed delivers in Vancouver and other Lower Mainland Areas 

What we liked:

  1. Practices sustainable sourcing
  2. Does not use refined sugar
  3. Foods are free of preservatives

What we did not like:

  1. High minimum order requirement
  2. Nutrition focused meals can be quite expensive meals

9. Movement Food

Movement Food is a good fitness-focused option for Vancouver meal delivery. If you are a body builder or trying to lose weight or somewhere between those to points you will probably find your needs fulfilled with Movement food menu option. The company offers more than 45 meals that are available for customers who look for vegan, paleo, gluten free or low carb meals using fresh and hormone-free ingredients. It is a perfect solution for people who are on special diets or want to gain muscles but do not want to waste all day planning what to eat and where. Once you chose your option you will be offered 5/7 days plan with meals that for the whole day plus a snack. The options vary as you can add meals and snacks but meal prices starting at $6,99, you will have plenty of choices for meals throughout the day.

Cost/Minimum Order: As low as $6.99. Minimum order of $69.95

Average Weekly Meals: 7-10 meals. a week.

Sample meals we liked:

  • Pulled Pork Pizza
  • Beef Souvlaki and Rice
  • Sweet ‘n Smoky Salmon

Availability: Movement Food delivers in Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas

What we liked:

  1. Offers fitness-focused meals
  2. Has a complete selection from breakfast to dinner
  3. Affordable meals

What we did not like:

  1. Most of the dishes do not change weekly
  2. Ordering system can be better

10. Real Meals

Real Meals is a small meal delivery service based in Vancouver. The menu options are limited and some get sold out. Not like the other brands mentioned Real Meal does not focus on health meals but serve mouth-watering pre-cooked comfort food. They deliver soups, lasagnas a bone broth and other food that can remind our grandparents. Real Meal does have few meal options that are gluten free. Although you can find few dishes for as low as $8, they do not have a varied menu. Nonetheless, they use fresh ingredients to create tasty dishes that will remind you of home-cooked meals.

Cost/Minimum Order: $8, no minimum order required.

Average Weekly Meals: This is not a weekly subscription service 

Sample meals we liked:

  • 3-Bean Beef Chili
  • Beefy Lasagna
  • English Cottage Pie

Availability: Delivers in Vancouver and surrounding areas

What we liked:

  1. Affordable meals
  2. Prepared using organic ingredients
  3. Good-tasting comfort food

What we did not like:

  1. Not for those looking for health-focused meals
  2. No weekly subscription so need to order each time
  3. Limited options in the menu

Our Suggestions For Your Best Options in Vancouver

Best For Novice Chefs: Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service – $9.69
Best For Time-strapped Foodies: 2 Guys with Knives Meal Delivery Service
Best For Chefs on a Budget: Movement Food Meal Delivery Service – at $6.99
Best For Occasional Home Chefs: MissFresh Meal Delivery Service – $7.99
Best For Vegans: FED Meal Delivery Service – $10.60
Best For Environmentally-Conscious chefs: Good Food Meal Delivery Service – at $9.42
Best For Novice Chefs Looking to Learn: Chef’s Plate Meal Delivery Service – $8.99

Meal Delivery Vancouver FAQ

What are the Benefits of Meal Delivery Vancouver?

Convenience and affordability are two of the main benefits of meal delivery services in Vancouver. You can save time and money by ordering fresh ingredients you need to cook or prepared foods that you must have to eat to enjoy. It is also good for people who have special dietary requirements, such as vegans and vegetarians

Can i stop my plans?

Yes, most of the brands we reviewed allow users to cancel and skip weeks when needed. 

Are all meal delivery services in Vancouver are local?

There are many meal delivery services that are Vancouver based but some have grown to serve more cities. Some are nation wide like missFress, HelloFresh and Goodfood but some are Vancouver born and raised. 

Final Verdict

As you can see from this long list we just covered the Vancouver meal delivery scene is fast growing and quite competitive. There is a wide range of choice to anyone and any style of dining. Meal delivery Vancouver is a great option if you are too busy with work, school, and other matters, you will be happy to know that many companies in Vancouver are offering meal delivery. You can order online and wait for the food or ingredients to be delivered in your doorsteps. This is a great way to save time for busy individuals.

Get Up to $200 Off + Free breakfast for life
Get up to $200 OFF
Get Up to $200 Off + Free Breakfast For Life
Get up to $200 OFF
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Get Up to $200 Off + Free breakfast for life
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