Yumm Review Canada

Starting at $6.99 per serving

Perfect solution for people who don't want to spend a lot to eat good. Delivers every week to most places in Canada. Not the service for people who have ...


Fresh City Review Canada

Starting at $19.5

Fresh City is perfect for people that are thinking about what they put in your body. Delivery only to GTA zip codes. Also have pick up hubs and grocery ...


Great job with variety of meals and products. Delivers every week to most places in Canada. Not the service for people who have special dietary requirements.


Blue Apron Review Canada

Starting at $7.49

Unfortunately, Blue Apron is still not available in Canada


Goodfood Review Canada

Starting at $7.62

Canada nation wide delivery. Great breakfast menu for the smoothie lovers. Vegans are also fully covered with Goodfood.


MissFresh Review Canada

Starting at $7.99

Great job with variety of meals and products. Delivers every week to most places in Canada. Not the service for people who have special dietary requirements.

What is in Each Meal Kit Review?

All meal kit delivery company reviews on our website are written in a structured way. Each of them includes the same sections, and each section contains the information relevant to each particular company. In the beginning, we give a brief summary in a nutshell so that you can quickly scan it and decide whether you need more information about this company or you like it already and ready to make your first order. Please note that some companies, like HelloFresh or Chefs Plate, offer promotions to first-time customers. Don’t forget to claim them!

How Does Meal Kit Delivery Work?

There are certain steps you need to follow if you want to become a meal kit delivery customer. Each company has its own routine, and we describe it in the review. In some companies, you immediately need to subscribe to a plan, while others allow you to look around, check out their menu, decide how often you need your meals to be delivered, select the place where you want your meals – your home or your office, etc. You will find all this information in the respective section of our meal kit delivery review.

Meal Kit Delivery Area

Would it be nice if every meal kit company delivered all over Canada? Unfortunately, due to complicated logistics, this is only the case for a couple of big-name international companies, such as HelloFresh. All the smaller companies usually start locally and then expand their services to the nearby provinces. For each company, we create a list of provinces where they deliver. You can only receive this particular meal kit if you live in the coverage area. For some companies, you can leave a request on their website. They will consider expanding to your area and will notify you when delivery to your address becomes available.

Who Will Benefit From Meal Kit Delivery

Each meal delivery company in Canada has its target audience. Some companies develop their meal kits having only busy singles or couples in their mind.  Others include family plans that include kid-friendly meals. Some companies consider religious food preferences, such as kosher or halal. Others pay more attention to the type of the diet: vegetarian, keto, paleo, low carb, etc.  

In our meal kit delivery reviews, we cover this information. We describe the plans offered by the company, the types of food they offer, what the meal options are, what their best meals are, and who their target audience is.

Costs, Details, and Features

One of the most essential pieces of information that the customers are interested in is how much a meal kit delivery costs. Some customers prefer to pay more for a better meal variety, others prefer to stay within their budget, but still enjoy the convenience of having meal kits delivered to their homes. There are meal kit delivery companies for each category. Our meal kit delivery reviews will help you find the company that comfortably fits your budget and provides fresh and tasty meals for you and your loved ones.

Pros and Cons of Meal Kit Delivery Services

For those customers who hesitate whether they should subscribe to a certain meal delivery company, we list its pros and cons. The pros may include a vast delivery area, an easy-to-use interface or an app, functional packaging, and more. Cons may include small portion size, more expensive plans compared to other companies, limited meal variety, and such. In this section of our meal kit review, you can immediately see which pros you like best, and which cons you can or cannot live with.

Help and Support

Another aspect that is essential to any service, not only meal kit delivery, is how quickly and effectively you can get reach customer support and get help if something goes wrong. With meal delivery services, there could be a late delivery, a damaged packaging, an item not ideally fresh, and other issues. In our meal kit delivery reviews, we provide information on how you can reach customers support, and what their cancellation and refund policies are.

The Bottom Line

We finish each meal kit delivery review with a final verdict where we shortly summarize all the information listed above. In case the company offers a promotion or a discount, you can find the coupon code at the beginning and the end of the review. 

In the very last portion of each meal kit review, you will find an expert score and see how it was created. We rate each company in six different categories: Food Quality, Cost, Meal variety, Customizable, Healthy, and Ease of use. The final score is based on these six sub-scores.

Overall, we create comprehensive meal kit delivery reviews that cover every part of each meal kit delivery company’s functionality and performance. We try to stay as objective as possible and mention not only positive aspects but also any shortcomings that we can find. We hope our reviews will help you find the right meal kit delivery company for you and your loved ones.

Meal Kits Delivery Canada
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