Meal Kits Delivery Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, also known as the Queen City, home of rich historical events and now one of the fastest-growing major cities in Canada, has a lot of amenities when it comes to offering. Since the people were too busy with their lives, it was almost impossible to find healthy meals in the city. “Almost Impossible” till meal kits delivery services made their entrée in the town!

In a nutshell

At least four extensive meal-kit delivery services, as well as several smaller local ones, serve Regina. Several food retailers provide grocery delivery, reducing the time and effort of driving to the store and waiting in line. 

Nevertheless, Regina is embracing the latest trend of pre-made meal kit delivery; how can you determine which one is ideal for your requirements? Meal delivery in Regina makes life simpler to get fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals that you can prepare by yourself or with your family. 

We compare a few of the best in terms of pricing, availability, and meal options, among other things.

What Regina has to offer?

Having over 200,000 people living in the city, Regina has some of the best things to do while in the city. Whether it’s the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park or the Storybook Toboggan Hills, one can find peace according to their own comfort. Who can forget about hiking and riding?

While visiting the Wascana Centre is a must. Once you have done, visiting Douglas Park hill for an enjoyable yet memorable sunset view can make your day. After having it all the only thing left is some good food but what to do when you are too lazy to go for groceries? Well, using meal kit delivery services like Zesty kits is one of the best and most convenient ways to do it.

What types of meals are available for delivery in Regina?

When looking for the best Regina dinner delivery, you will be overwhelmed by the options. An excellent approach to distinguishing the options is looking at the types of meals they offer. The following are some of the most prevalent options:

  • Keto Meals: These meals are high in fat and low in carbohydrates like rice and pasta.
  • Paleo Meals: You are on a caveman diet, avoiding processed foods. It is about consuming foods that people ate throughout the Paleolithic period. It’s also a keto-style low-carb supper.
  • Vegan Meals: A vegan diet prohibits the consumption of any animal by-products, such as milk and cheese. 

Best Meal Kits in Regina

Zesty Kits

Have the mission to transform lives and inspire healthier communities through their locally-sourced easy-to-cook dishes. Zesty kit believes that their meals can positively impact your life while helping you explore flavors that you crave and ultimately supporting your health.  They believe that everyone deserves a healthy, wholesome meal, and having fresh ingredients can do that; while good food brings joy to your face, it also brings families closer.

Cost/Minimum order: The minimum plan costs $13.66 per serving while it goes up to $16.17.

Average weekly meals: On average, you get 3 meals with 2 portions per week.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • BBQ Jackfruit taco,
  • Crispy chicken buddha bowl,
  • Lebanese chicken pita.
What we liked
  • A variety of plans are available 
  • Free private delivery along with plans
  • Menu Changes every week
What we did not like
  • Some plans could have been cheaper

Local And Fresh

If you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or a smoothie bar, all you have to do is browse through the 150 local vendors’ products, local and fresh. Its mission is to make buying more manageable and, most importantly, eat nutritious and delicious local food. They plan to promote and support locally produced items while maintaining the quality and sustainability of items to reach their customers.

Cost/Minimum order: The minimum cost of a meal kit per week is $77 and goes up to $225 per month.

Average weekly meals: If you order the weekly kit, you get a total of 3 meals with the serving of 2 people.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Slow Braised Brisket Dinner with Potatoes, Gravy, Roasted Veg, Perogies, and a Crisp Dessert,

  • Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Salsa,

  • Chicken and Cheese Enchilada.

What we liked
  • There are other options except for food items.
  • Support locally produced goods to their maximum limit.
What we did not like
  • The website is not user-friendly as compared to other meal kit delivery services.


GoodFood meal packages are relatively inexpensive, with the average serving costing between $11 and $15. One of the key advantages of GoodFood is the extensive range of meals available, including low-carb options. A dietitian, according to the service, meticulously arranges meals. GoodFood calibrates portion proportions to ensure enough food for a single filling meal is provided with no leftovers.

Cost/Minimum order: The price per serving varies between $9.75 and $12.50. Three different kits, each featuring two, three, or four recipes, serve two or four people.

Average weekly meals: Every week, they provide 2 to 4 recipes.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Roasted butternut squash dahl,
  • Rice noodles in a coconut curry broth,
  • Chicken salad with black garlic balsamic vinaigrette.
What we liked
  • They do offer a variety of dishes and ingredients from which to choose
  • Vegans will be well-served by this meal kit
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
What we did not like
  • There are few possibilities for persons with special dietary needs


HelloFresh claims to be the world’s most popular meal-kit service. The meal-delivery service bills itself as the most convenient, with an extensive range of fun, easy-to-make, and healthful dishes that are sure to suit everyone, including picky eaters in the family. With plans starting at just $7.50 a serving, it is also one of the least expensive meal-kit companies.

Cost/Minimum order: HelloFresh meals range from $8 to $11 per person. Ordering the highest plan size (five recipes each week for four people) will bring you the best pricing per dish.

Average weekly meals: Every week, three to four recipes.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Mozzarella-Crusted Chicken,
  • Creamy Shrimp Tagliatelle,
  • Winner Chicken Orzo.
What we liked
  • Groceries and recipes are delivered right to your house with a meal kit service.
  • Provides a wide range of tasty, simple-to-prepare meals.
  • Meal plans for vegetarians, pescatarians, and low-calorie eaters are available.
  • Many competitors' prices are comparable or lower.
What we did not like
  • There are no gluten-free or allergen-free dining options
  • There are no meal plans for more restrictive diets such as keto, paleo, or vegan
  • The cost of shipping each box is $8.99

Chefs Plate

Chefs Plate provides fresh, pre-portioned ingredients along with simple recipe cards. It’s a weekly e-commerce subscription service that includes vegetarian cuisine and offers a selection of meal plans. You can cook like a gourmet chef without the trouble of shopping for and preparing ingredients with dishes starting at $8.99.

Cost/Minimum order: Chefs Plate’s prices start at $8.99 a serving and go up to $12.95 per serving for two people.

Average weekly meals: Every week, offer two to four recipes.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Harissa-Spiced Sloppy Joes,
  • Pan-Seared Chicken,
  • Mediterranean-Inspired Chicken
What we liked
  • There are a range of meal kit plans to pick from, each with a different set of alternatives to suit different palates
  • Compared to other meal kits, this one is cheap
  • Customer feedback on meal quality, freshness, and convenience was overwhelmingly positive
  • Most plans include free delivery
  • Get 50% off your first box
  • You can skip weeks
What we did not like
  • Vegetable diversity could be improved

Meal Delivery Regina FAQ

What are the sources of meal ingredients in Regina?

Regina, Saskatchewan, is home to a diverse group of excellent farmers and producers. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are guaranteed with meal kit delivery services.

Do Regina’s meat markets have menu cards?

All Regina meal kit services include high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and recipes. You will also find a few fascinating recipes on their website.

Mel kits delivery Regina – Final verdict

Meal delivery kit services, without a doubt, make meal planning and preparation easier. Except for a few staples, everything you might need for that night’s meal arrives pre-measured and, in some cases, pre-chopped. 

The services are a great way to break up a routine and introduce you to different flavors, cuisines, and combinations that the whole family will enjoy. Meal kit delivery services may be worth saving money on groceries and taking the guesswork out of cooking. Just make sure you pick the best one for you.

Read about meal delivery services of other regions in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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