Meal Kits Delivery Chilliwack, BC

As time progresses, more and more services are being optimized and made easier. The same has happened with food delivery in Chilliwack, BC. This city in Canada has been completely transformed in how its people buy their food. They now can get the ingredients they need for home-cooked meals at their doorstep. In this article, we will be delving into the best meal kit delivery services according to taste, quantity, and affordability.

In a nutshell

A few large food delivery services are available in Chilliwack, while multiple smaller ones aids. Some local retailers already provide grocery deliveries. It reduces the time taken waiting in line at the store. Taking this into consideration, Chilliwack is still taking advantage of the newest trend of meal kit delivery. 

We are here to help you decide which delivery service is best for your needs. These services have made it extremely easy to get healthy, tasty, and fresh meals you can make for yourself, family, and friends.

What Chilliwack has To offer?

Chilliwack is the home of art. Whether it’s Chilliwack Museum and Archives or Chilliwack Cultural Centre, you can find arts and crafts almost everywhere. Although the place is densely populated, it never runs out of options on things to do.

Whether it’s outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, shopping, or just having the perfect experience with an eatery, Chilliwack has it all. From breweries and bakeries to restaurants for different occasions, one can never get bored of the food in the city.

As we speak, it can be hard to cook when you have so much to do. So to help you unburden the weight, we have listed the best meal kit delivery services you can find in the city that provide you restaurant standard meals while keeping it healthy for you.

What types Of meals are available for delivery in Chilliwack?

The amount of options for the best meal deliveries in Chilliwack is truly staggering. It’s way better if you characterize it into the type of meals they have. These are some of the most popular ones.

  • Keto meals: These meals contain low amounts of carbohydrates and high amounts of fat.
  • Vegan meals: These meals have no animal products, e.g. meat or dairy products.

Best meal kits in Chilliwack

Fresh food 2U

Fresh food 2U is the most popular meal kit delivery service in Chilliwack, BC. They provide ready-made meals that you only have to heat up. Something unique about it is that they have meals for kids as well. Their prices are higher, with the cheapest meal being $10.00. 

They mostly serve sandwiches with different meats. Their food arrives in meals along with 2 of their cookies. They also provide delivery service, or if you need to get it in a hurry, they also have pickup service.

Cost/Minimum order: Fresh food 2U’s prices range from $10 to $13 per meal, making it quite expensive. They give you a full one-time meal with each purchase as their sandwiches are very fulfilling, and they give you two cookies as dessert.

Sample meals we liked

  • The bud sandwich
  • The chicken salad sandwich
  • The bloom, which is a turkey pesto sandwich.
  • Their delivery service is quite fast.
  • They also provide pickup services.
  • They have meals for kids.
  • The prices are a bit high.
  • The children's meals are in whole wheat, which is healthy but might be something kids don't like.
  • The PB&J sandwich is way too expensive.

Guud Bowls

Guud Bowls provides ready-made meals that you only have to thaw. They’re very different from their competitors as they don’t have a storefront and are a ghost kitchen. They only deliver. They also focus mainly on gluten-free items. Their meals are recommended to be eaten the same day they are delivered as they are made with organic ingredients. They serve different dishes from different cultures, and they also serve family-size portions.

Cost/Minimum order: Guud Bowls meals range from $13-$15. Their cheapest orders cost somewhere between $3 & $9. They sell gluten-free muffins and cookie dough for $3 each. They also have a Mac and cheese for $9 if you’re running on a budget. 

Their family meals which have four portions cost $40-$43. So a week’s worth of orders (excluding weekends) would cost you somewhere between $65 & $72.

Sample meals we liked

  • Butter chicken biryani.
  • Golden chicken.
  • Simple teriyaki bowl.
  • They have gluten-free options.
  • They have vegan options.
  • They provide family-size meals.
  • There is no storefront, so you have to wait longer than you'd want for your food.
  • You can only order lunch till 9:30 AM

Panago Pizza

Panago Pizza is an amazing pizza shop. They focus completely on organic ingredients as they believe that that’s the right option for your environment and health. They provide multiple options for their dough. They have a multigrain crust, a thin crust with fewer carbs, and a gluten-smart crust for people who want less gluten intake. 

Their tomatoes for their sauces are grown completely without herbicides or pesticides, which makes them completely organic. Their meat is antibiotic-free as their animals are grown without antibiotics and so are grown on natural wheat. 

Their eggs are also laid by chickens free to roam in their enclosures. They also have vegan options for those who have an aversion to meat.

Cost/Minimum order: Panago pizza is on the cheaper side of the spectrum as their pizzas only cost around $6-$8. Their pepperoni pizza only costs $6.25, so a week’s worth of pizza (excluding the weekends) would cost around $45.

Sample meals we liked

  • Sweet cinnamon breadsticks.
  • Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Crumble pizza.
  • Chicken pieces.
  • Their food is completely organic.
  • They have vegan options.
  • They can be ordered at any time.
  • They don't have gluten-free options.
  • Due to them being so big, their pizzas might take longer.


Gobble is a service for those who want to cook their meals themselves but don’t want to go through the difficult prep process. Gobble delivers meal ingredients to your house packaged and ready to cook. 

Gobble has a variety of meal options like vegan and gluten-free meals. Some recipes even tell you what ingredients to avoid if you want to avoid gluten. Their meals only take 15 minutes to prepare.

Cost/Minimum order: Gobble has multiple meal plans, each with its price. If your prices differ from this, it may be because it’s your first week, and you get free shipping for your first week. Meals for two people twice a week cost $15.99 per meal, which brings your total to $63.99. These prices change depending on how many days you order. 

For example, if you order this same plan for all five days, it will cost you $11.99, totalling $119.90. A 4 person meal kit twice a week will cost you $12.99 per serving. The total for this would be $103.92. If you order this for five days, it would be $11.99 per meal, which would cost you $239.89. Their shipment cost is $6.99

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Butter chicken with basmati rice and naan bread.
  • Seared chicken with Parmesan cauliflower mash, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts.
  • Vegetarian Tofu noodle bowl with peanut sauce
  • They have gluten-free options.
  • They have vegan options.
  • They have dishes from cuisines all over the world.
  • Environment damaging packaging.
  • It is quite expensive.

Revive superfoods

Revive superfoods is a website dedicated to providing healthy food while still having a great taste. All their recipes are vegan, and they also provide protein meals with oats for those trying to bulk up. They provide four main types of meals. They have breakfast smoothies, various types of soups, bowls of different vegetables, oat bowls, and falafel pops.

Cost/Minimum order: Their purchasing order is a bit unique as you make boxes of items. There are three boxes of quantity: 8, 12, and 24 items. Their smoothies are $7.99, and super meals are $9.50 per serving. If you were to buy a 12-item box with 2 of each item, it would cost you $100.92.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Banana nut oats.
  • Vanilla and salted caramel ice cream.
  • Chipotle and black bean superfoods.
  • Everything on their menu is healthy.
  • All their items are vegan.
  • The meals are very easy to prepare.
  • Their ice cream is not that sweet.
  • The falafel pops are only fulfilling if mixed with another meal.

LiveFit Food

LiveFit Food uses natural ingredients to provide food to its customers in Canada. It employs the top chefs in the country to revolutionize its meal kit delivery service. The company aims to ensure that its customers have a new way to eat, as well as a variety of food at their service. 

Whether you are looking for individual meals or meal packages, you can have numerous options at your doorstep, irrespective of your diet preferences. LiveFit Food offers generous portions of delicious food. You can choose to order food by diet or by the goal, for dinner, lunch, as well as breakfast. The company also has a separate menu for snacks and desserts to fulfil all your cravings.

Starting price: Meals start at a price as low as $4.95.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • Blueberry Protein Pancakes
  • Cajun Creole Shrimp Jambalaya
  • Offers a variety of meals for different preferences and needs
  • Has options for recurring orders
  • Offers extensive delivery coverage in the country of Canada
  • Breakfast and kids’ meals 
  • Customers cannot change the address of delivery once the order has been placed
  • Has a high requirement for minimum order to qualify for free shipping

Power Kitchen

Power Kitchen is a meal delivery service based in the city of Toronto in Canada, which aims to provide healthy food options to all its customers. It is known for delivering freshly made, macro-controlled, and portioned meals for you and your loved ones, as per your needs. 

One of the most notable features of the company is that it uses seasonal and local produce, as well as quality ingredients to create a menu of more than 100 meals. It also offers 10 meal boxes, which include paleo, keto, vegan, power box, lean muscle, clean shredding, and clean bulking options.

Customers also have the option to go for grab-and-go meals, along with bulk and custom meals. For busy families, Power Kitchen has also introduced a Family meal box and a kid’s meal box. People with dietary restrictions can additionally make a personalized menu, which has low-calorie and low-carb meal kits. 

Starting Price:

The meals from Power Kitchen cost as low as $8.99.

Sample meals we liked: 

  • Spicy Black Bean Burger
  • Jerk Chicken Thigh
  • Use the best ingredients bought from local suppliers
  • Quality meals prepared by experienced chefs
  • Fresh food delivered to your doorstep
  • Charge an additional shipping cost of $10.

Meal kits delivery in Chilliwack – Final words

These are some of the best food options in Chilliwack, BC. Each of these restaurants has a unique taste, offering a different culture and different types of food. All of these restaurants are based in Chilliwack, BC. Some of these include gluten-free options, and some have vegan options, so there’s something for everyone.

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