Meal Kits Delivery Burnaby, BC

Located in center of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby happens to be the third-largest city in the province and accommodates over 249,000 residents. The city takes its name from Burnaby Lake that was named after an English merchant who travelled the area in 1859.

Whether it’s a good day or a bad one for you, you can totally enjoy your favourite food every day of the week with meal delivery kits in Burnaby. Keeping in mind their relative cost and the variety of meals, let’s help you shortlist some of the most flavourful meal kits in Burnaby.


Why go for meal kits in Burnaby?

People these days are not only more health-conscious but also prefer opting for meals that are both nutritious and convenient for consumption. Given their busy lifestyle, spending long hours preparing food now seems rather tiring.

Living in a culturally rich and diverse city like Burnaby, there’s fairly no reason why someone living in today’s world won’t want to opt for a meal delivery service like Fresh Prep. We already know these kits make our lives so much easier, but if you’re wondering how that’s even possible, we have just the right answer for you.

Hassle-free food preparation

Meal kits save you from all the tiring food prepping stage. If you hate washing, peeling, and cutting raw materials for a dish, meal kits take that entire burden away from you as they come thoroughly cleaned, prepped, labeled, and ready for use. 

Simplified decision making

Are you wondering all day long what to buy for your grocery? Well, say no more because meal kits offer you a variety of food choices depending on your preference, so you don’t have to get intimidated by the overabundance of options in the grocery section. 

Better nutrition along with a variety of diet plans

Most importantly, someone struggling to implement portion control or cut down on certain types of food greatly benefits from meal kits. Simply let them know your dietary intake or nutritional problem, and you’ll get a meal best suited to your needs. 

What type of meal kits are available in Burnaby?

People of Burnaby, we have good news for you. All your favorite diets are readily available in your city, from ketogenic to paleo and gluten-free or vegan meals. 

Vegan meal kits

People usually complain about not finding a large variety of vegan food options; we’ll say no more because there are numerous vegan meal delivery kits in Burnaby that guarantee palatable, different and strictly vegan food.

Ketogenic meal kits

Keto diets took the world by storm, and we are sure that people from Burnaby would surely want to get these ketogenic meal kits for some impressive weight loss regime. You get to enjoy a better assortment of food groups and incorporate the ideal keto meal for yourself.

A comprehensive guide to meal kit options in Burnaby

You might be wondering where to order these tempting meals from; which place has the widest variety, the best food quality, or best suits your palate. Well, we’re here to walk you through all the meal kit places in Burnaby so that you can decide on a winner for yourself.

Fresh Prep 

Fresh Prep is Canada’s most sustainable meal kit delivery service. Apart from providing customers with easy-to-cook meals that taste incredibly good, they aim to promote reusable and recyclable packaging material to reduce carbon footprint. Each recipe is labeled with its level of cooking difficulty, from Easy to Moderate to Complex.

Each Fresh Prep delivery is sent out in insulated cooler bags packed with the goodness of fresh ingredients along with measured assortments like spices and herbs to help you assemble a master-class dish for yourself.

The type of food they make:

  • Different Cultural Cuisines
  • Veg and Non-Veg
  • Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Cost/Minimum order: 

  • $12.25 for a 2-Person Meal with two recipes
  • $10 for a Family Plan with four recipes

Average weekly meals:

Fresh Prep offers 10 meal choices per week depending on their difficulty preparing and average cooking time. They offer two packages; the couple package offers a 2-person meal. If you’re a family of four or looking for more meals, you can also avail of their family plan with 4 recipes. The intro deal offers you to have the first two meals for free.

What we liked
  • Locally sourced raw materials
  • Zero food waste thanks to sustainable packaging
  • Beginner Friendliness
  • Free shipping and pick up
  • Larger portions and great value for money
  • All recipes take under 30 minutes to cook
What we did not like
  • No single meal option
  • A bit pricey as compared to other meal kits

Eat Your Cake

Eat Your Cake is one such meal delivery service that mainly revolves around the concept of providing more nutrition-focused meal options on the menu. Furthermore, they also do a nutritional consultation where you can discuss your dietary needs with a consultant before you finalize your meal plan.

What makes Eat Your Cake different from all other meal delivery kits is that it actively promotes the concept of a nutritious dietary intake that is best suited to your needs. 

The type of food they make:

  • Various ethnic cuisines
  • Vegetarian 
  • Paleo
  • Ketogenic
  • Pescatarian
  • Breakfast
  • Fish
  • Salad and snacks

Cost/Minimum order:

  • An average of over $80/week
  • $5.00 – $14.50 (including breakfasts)

Average weekly meals:

Eat Your Cake has no fixed weekly plans. They tailor your dietary requirements like weight loss, athletic support, or any other specific needs to treat you with a meal covering all aspects of your diet. The meal plan is adjusted accordingly depending on whether you want to lose weight, improve your diet, gain particularly lean mass, or any other dietary requirements.

What we liked
  • Emphasis on custom nutrition
  • Meal plans designed as per your dietary requirements
  • Nutritional consultation
  • An extensive menu full of high-quality food
What we did not like
  • Hard-to-use website
  • It doesn’t accept Apple Pay

Burnaby Meals On Wheels

Burnaby Meals On Wheels introduced the genius idea of frozen meal kits to people. They offer a wide variety of popular ethnic cuisines, mainly Chinese and Western. Meals on Wheels promote health and independence by making locally sourced nutritious food affordable for people of all socioeconomic status.

The type of food they make:

  • Chinese Hot Meals
  • Western Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Frozen Entree
  • Frozen Breakfast 
  • Bag Lunch

Cost/Minimum order:

  • Chinese Meals for $9.75
  • Western Meal for $9.00
  • Vegetarian Meal for $9.00
  • Frozen Entree for $8.00
  • Frozen Breakfast for $8.00
  • Bag Lunch for $5.50

Average weekly meals:

Burnaby doesn’t offer weekly meal kits like many other companies. Instead, they rather feature a wide range of palatable meals available in both frozen and ready-to-eat forms. The meals give you the liberty to consume them readily or freeze them to have some other time.

What we liked
  • Frozen meal kit options
  • Great variety of soups and desserts
What we did not like
  • No weekly packages
  • Small portions

LiveFit Food

If you are eating with a certain fitness, wellness, or dietary goal in mind, then LiveFit Food is the right choice for you. Whether you are hoping to gain muscle, lose weight, or burn fat, the company has something in store for you. 

LiveFit Food has a vast menu, which incorporates meals for people searching for keto, vegan, gluten-free, halal, as well as veggie diets. It prepares the food beforehand so that it can be delivered timely to your doorstep, according to your chosen plan. Moreover, its menu accommodates food for all meals, such as dinner, lunch, snacks, breakfast, and even drinks. 

Starting price:

Weekly packages from LiveFit Foods will cost you around $96. 

The type of food they make:

  • Korean BBQ Beef
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • KETO Garlic Butter Shrimp with Vegetables
What we like:
  • Readily available nutritional information
  • 100% natural multi-vitamins are present in the food
  • You can personalize your meals weeks in advance
What we did not like:
  • The weekly standard menu does not accommodate any changes

Power Kitchen

Based in Toronto, Canada, Power Kitchen is a healthy meal kit delivery service that caters to numerous cooking and taste levels. You can choose the recipes that most appeal to you and they will be delivered to your doorstep in no time with easy-to-follow instructions. 

The meals from Power Kitchen are quite simple and can be mastered by novice cooks as well. It also carries several snack and breakfast options, which include granola and cereal bars. Feel free to order as few as 2 meals to as many as 5 meals in a week. 

Power Kitchen is known for delivering fully premade and delicious healthy food. Its large menu also includes frozen meals, grain bowls, fresh salads, and many more. The company also provides you with the opportunity to choose between monthly and weekly subscriptions. Rest assured, this healthy meal delivery service will take all the guesswork out of dinner, lunch, and breakfast. 

Starting price:

The price of one serving can be as low as $8.99.

The type of food they make:

  • Jerk Tofu
  • Beef Teriyaki
  • Cajun Basa
What we like:
  • Uses locally sourced groceries
  • Hires experienced chefs to cook meals
  • Delivers freshly prepared food to your doorstep
What we did not like:
  • You have to pay a shipping fee of $10

Meal kits delivery in Burnaby – Final words

The meal delivery kits in Burnaby have emerged as a viable option that offers you convenience and an array of serving sizes and ingredients to choose from so you can enjoy your favourite meals without spending hours in the kitchen. What’s better than enjoying a fine meal without you having to do the entire cooking drill? It is your sign to order your favourite meal kit now!

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