Meal Kits Delivery Surrey, BC

As the world is evolving it is safe to say you can get meal kits delivered at your doorstep in no time. Besides who would want to go out for groceries especially after the pandemic. When everything you want can be found online.

Here we have covered the best meal kit delivery services that you can find in Surrey. These business models are reviewed according to their pricing, service, menu and nonetheless the quality and quantity of their offering.


What Surrey has to offer?

Whether it’s golfing at the Morgan creek golf course or hiking at the Brownville Bar Park. You can have all the things they crave in one city. Whether you want to visit the Surrey Art Gallery or just go shopping.

One can always crave some wholesome meals when you get back home. And why would you wanna go to get some groceries, that’s boring. 

Well to avoid that you can have them delivered through meal kit delivery services and here we will be featuring some of the best services that you can consider opting for. Here we have covered the best meal kit delivery services that you can find in Surrey.

Best meal kits in Surrey


The whole concept starts off with “15 minutes and 1 pan”. Their promise is to bring easy to cook recipes for all the foodies in a short period of time. Gobble offer three meal categories: Classic, Vegetarian and Lean and Clean. Each category provides a premium experience in its own unique way giving you the exact feel of a restaurant-style cuisine.

Cost/Minimum order: For two people serving people two times a week cost $15.99 per serving, whereas four people serving five times a week, you will have to pay $11.99 per serving

Average weekly meals: Average of two meals per week. This can vary according to your subscription.

A must try from their menu: 

  • Butter chicken with Basmati rice and naan bread
  • Vegetarian Tofu noodle bowl with peanut sauce 
  • Cilantro pesto salmon with cauliflower couscous
What we appreciated
  • Easy to cook dishes
  • Healthy add on options
  • Great variety of cuisines
What drove us away
  • Not Environmental friendly
  • Recipes are only revealed once you pay
  • The service is a bit expensive

Chefs Plate

This business model made it to the list for its tasty meals that are delivered timely and fresh at your doorstep. Chefs Plate save you from planning and grocery shopping as they have their own recipes that are from their cooks. 

The products are delivered in ice packs that keep everything fresh and juicy and giving you finger licking affordable meals in 15 to 30 minutes

Cost/Minimum order: The serving starts at $8.99 and ranges up to $45.96 – $143.84 / week

Average weekly meals: You can choose according to the number of people that are eating and the meals you require per week.

A must try from their menu: 

  • Korean Style Beef Stir’
  • Cowboy Bison Skillet
  • Oven Roasted Parmesan Chicken
What we appreciated
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Calorie info is provided
  • Budget Friendly
What drove us away
  • Individual packaging- environment concerns

Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep started off in 2014 with the agenda to make it easier for busy people to treat themselves right. If you are someone who wants to enjoy wholesome meals but can’t find the time to prepare it, they are here to provide you with the highest quality and are committed to making your kitchen life easy and stress-free as possible

Cost/Minimum order: The price ranges from $10.50 to $13.50 / serving. While the weekly price ranges from $54.00 to $168.00 / week.

Average weekly meals: You can decide according to you need and can have four recipes per week

A must try from their menu:  

  • Pork Banh Mi & Carrot Fries
  • Rare Seared Yellowfin Tuna Focaccia
  • Korean Style Pork Tacos
What we appreciated
  • Have their own independent delivery system
  • Provided Nutritional Information
  • All vegetables are pre-cut
What drove us away
  •  Isn’t Budget Friendly

Whole Cuisine

Their main focus is on clean eating and a motive to change lives for the better good. They have their food locally grown to support the community and in their clients overall well-being. Offers different types of plans that include lean and mean, lifestyle plan and athletic performance. Each plan can be ordered for a week, a month or three months.

Cost/Minimum order: The minimum order costs $214 for 18 meals and can go up to $2325 depending on the type of package that you are gonna get.

Average weekly meals:  During a span of one week you can get 18 meals 

A must try from their menu: 

  • Pico de gallo Baked Basa
  • Chicken Stir Fry 
  • Madras Couscous Salad
What we appreciated
  • Meals are specially prepared to reach your fitness goals
  • Free Delivery in Surrey
  • Dietitians approved and certified
What drove us away
  • Isn’t flexible with plans compared to other meal kit delivery services

Simply Foods

This food production company has roots from a family business and now focuses on providing meal prep, school lunches and even caters. Their kitchen and office are located in Burnaby. And produce meals that are competitive against their competitors. 

The company is also named Vancouver’s top catering after 25 years of excellence in prioritizing flavor, quality and service.

Cost/Minimum order: Prices for entrees range from $6.50 and $10.75. Breakfast and sides are priced between $3.50-$5.50.

Average weekly meals: You can order according to your requirements

A must try from their menu: 

  • Butter Chicken On Rice
  • Black Forest Ham and Cheese Baguette
  • Garden Burger
What we appreciated
  • Budget Friendly
  • Dishes are easy to cook
  • Dependable food service company
  • Meal Prep bundles that complement fitness goals
What drove us away
  • Delivery fees are $10.00 unless $100.00 are spent on food.

Yogi Kitchen

One of the finest businesses that are committed through their technology based platform to make life easier and more enjoyable for people craving wholesome meals. The food they deliver is home-like, easy to order and four different meal options are there everyday. They also offer a full refund if you do not get what you ordered.

The company offers three plans: basic, standard and exclusive plan and also offers trails that can last a day or a week according to what you order. This is the perfect Meal Kit delivery if you are a vegetarian as the items that are on the menu are perfect if you love vegetables.

Cost/Minimum order: The basic package costs $230 per month and is valid for 30 days

Average weekly meals: The number of meals vary according to the plans you opt for. The lowest plan offers 16 meals while the highest plan offers 24 meals in total.

A must try from their menu: 

  • Afghani Paneer
  • Achari Aloo Matar
  • Kadai Aloo
What we appreciated
  • They give complimentary Dessert Every Tuesday and Friday
  • Self-Menu Selection
  • Free Doorstep Delivery
What drove us away
  • Trail is paid


Vegano is the first plant-based meal kit business in Canada, which provides 100% vegan food. Its meal kits include no less than 3 meals in a week, which work out perfectly for two people. It offers generous portion sizes, with colourful and flavourful meals. 

In addition, the meals provided by Vegano do not require much input from you. You do not even have to turn on the oven, which is the last thing you want to do in the summer season. Just turn on your stovetop and you will be good to go. 

Moreover, the vegan meal kit company ensures that no animal products are used in its facilities. Thus, you are safe from the risk associated with cross-contamination. 

Starting price: 

The weekly subscription starts from $60, which amounts to around $11 per plate.

A must try from their menu: 

  • Miso Gochujang Soba Meal
  • Pad Thai
  • Burrito Bowl
What we appreciated
  • All the ingredients are bought from local suppliers
  • The packaging is compostable, recyclable, and made out of recycled materials
  • Recipes can easily be found online
What drove us away
  • The company does not notify you when the delivery is made
  • You may receive fewer vegetables in some meals
  • An additional shipping cost of $9.99 plus tax is charged

Crave Healthiness

If you are searching for pre-assembled meals that do not require much effort, then Crave Healthiness is the right choice for you. All you have to do is put the meal kits in the microwave for around 1 to 3 minutes and your food will be ready for you to devour. 

The company covers snacks, breakfast, dessert, as well as entrees. It also allows you the opportunity to pick from three different sizes of servings, which are large, medium, and small. Where meal options are concerned, Crave Healthiness has two that you can choose from. Its weekly rotating menu and custom meal builder is open for everyone who wants a meal prep lifestyle, but does not have any spare time on their hands. 

Starting price:

The price of a meal kit from Crave Healthiness starts from $12.80.

A must try from their menu: 

  • Aussie Bites
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Dukkha Chicken
What we appreciated
  • You can personalize meals according to your preferences and tastes
  • The perfect choice for people with busy lifestyles
  • Great if you do not like to cook or go grocery shopping
What drove us away
  • Does not offer a wide variety of veggies and fruits
  • Has a limited variety of meals for those with dietary restrictions
  • Does not offer many rotating menu meals

Meal kits delivery Surrey – Final words

In this article, we have discussed the top meal kit delivery services that are there in Surrey. These services offer top quality food according to your plan and budget. All you have to do is find the perfect fit for you and your family in order to enjoy quality time and wholesome meals with your loved ones.

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